Greetings from Europe!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to quickly introduce myself :slight_smile:
My name is Christine (31 years old), and while I’m originally from Germany I’m currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I have been properly following the Wiccan path for about 2 years now - after dabbling a bit in witchcraft when I was younger - so I still have a lot to learn!
I started out with mainly practicing candle magic, since I am most drawn to fire :fire:
but I have begun to incorporate more herbs and crystals into my work as well. One thing I would like to improve in particular is my meditation practice, with the hopes of someday being able to achieve astral projection. If any of you has tips on how to go about that, please don’t hesitate to tell me :smiley:
While I do quite enjoy being a solitary witch, I’m very much looking forward to meeting and connecting with like-minded people here :blush:

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and blessed be :star2:


Merry Meet and Welcome! @christine4 You have come to the right place! Great people here, and soooo much to learn…one fantastic site. Ask any questions you want and someone
here probably has a good answer.
Blessed Be!


Merry meet, @christine4! :sparkles: Welcome!

I wrote a post on the difference between astral travel and astral projection. Feel free to comment on that topic to continue that conversation!

If you haven’t already, the Meditation Roots Beginner Sessions is perfect to get started with guided meditations.

You can also find different types of meditations on the Witches Homework page.

Blessings! :pray: