Grounding Tarot Spread for me today

Hello all,

I have some questions about a reading I did today.

I used the Enchanted Forest deck.

Pick below of spread.

It’s a long post. Sorry. Number 4 is my biggest question.

Grounding Tarot Spread.

  1. How can I ground myself in this moment?
    Keeper of Boons (King of Pentacles). This card has been my stalker card in the past. This is such a warm card. I feel like it is giving me a hug. A safe enchanting non judgmental place. A place I can glean some practical wisdom.
    I can ground myself by making my home a safe place, by nurturing my family, being quick to laugh, by being. I will carry a crystal today.

  2. Something I need to release that is no longer serving me.
    Strength. I am always strong and always “keeping it together”, if I don’t, a member of my immediate family falls apart and then the family struggles.
    I need to release that iron shield around my core, not necessarily to lay myself bare but to allow all the emotions to be what they are in the moment, with respect and grace. Frankly, I should be allowed to cry without out someone else being angry about it. I hardly ever cry and I think I need to.

  3. Why this release will help me ground myself
    Keeper of Challenges (King of Swords) This has been my card of the day for the past couple of days.
    Releasing my emotions will help me be able to have clear thought, be measured in my response, have insight and be balanced in my thoughts.

  4. How I can better listen to my inner knowing.
    Four of Visions (4 of cups) The 4 of Cups is my card for this month.
    ?I can better listen to myself by allowing my emotions, by allowing a bit of a funk, by asking the funk questions AND/OR I can notice the small moments of magic and awesomeness around me so that my funk clears and that will help me better listen to my inner knowing.

  5. A tip to help me remain present moving forward
    Seven of Boons (7 of Pentacles)
    Know that there is always a door. Walking through the first one presented is not always the best choice. Be patient, be practical, trust I will know what and when is best for now and the future.

What are your thoughts on the Four of Visions and how it helps me better listen to my inner knowing. I feel like there is something in this card that I am missing. It is my month card also so I really want to get into the “meats” of this card.

Any other comments/observations are welcome.

Can anyone identify the symbols on the doors of the Seven of Boons card?

Thank you!


For number 4 I would say pretty much what you have there. Listed to your inner self, pay attention to what’s around you, notice the little magical things. Ask those funk questions to help clear your mind so you can hear your inner self better.


Sometimes we refuse to listen to our emotions to the point that we forget that there is wisdom in those emotions. They then become part of our shadow world and fight for the right to express themselves- much like a child having a tantrum. The wisdom is still there, but the emotions themselves hide it until they are paid all due attention. This card seems to be supporting shadow work. A treasure or tool was passed by along your path and is calling you to return and pick it up so you can use it as you continue on.

As to the symbols on the doors, the pic isn’t clear for me. Maybe it would help to see the card by itself?


Good catch @georgia ! I didn’t notice those symbols!


Hello @Mystique and @georgia! Thank you.

I don’t always know what to ask the funk.

Here is a pic of only the Seven of Boons. If you click on the pic you can increase the size of it.


I sat down and reshuffled the deck and asked what treasure or tool I passed by along my path and is calling me to return to pick it up.

I pulled The Keeper of Boons (King of Pentacles)
Wow. This card stalks me when I use this deck. It does feel like it speaks to what is missing.

Thank you @georgia. :grin: That question was a question I needed to ask but didn’t know it.


It is a question I also need to ask myself often. I’m glad my path can help you see and avoid the same mistakes.