Guidance Struggle

Hi All,

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re asking for guidance and you’re just turning up nothing?

Usually if I have a question or a choice to make and I’m unsure I meditate, I ask the cards, I ask the crystals, I ask Selene and a clear answer or a sign will appear to me.

Recently I’m struggling with a choice and it’s like the cards can’t help me, almost like they don’t know what they should advise. I pull 2 of wands over and over, at least once a day. I also get the 2 of pentacles and the 2 of swords.

The 3 of wands, the 9 of pentacles and ace of cups are also regulars which makes me feel like what I choose to do will end up being the right thing for me… But what should I choose?! :joy::thinking::sob:

How do I resolve this?


I just did another card draw and pulled 8 of pentacles :woman_shrugging:

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8 of Pentacles is all about hard work and attention to detail. If the decision you’re stuck in has to do with a work project, family difficulty, personal goal or unpleasant duty, then roll up your sleeves. This card says you must put out a great effort to obtain what you want.

If your Tarot reads aren’t giving you much information, one thing you can do is include reversed cards. They will add another layer of meaning to your spread and get you out of stagnation.

The meaning of a reversed card depends on the card itself, but you can use this acronym: WIND.

W - Weakened, I = Inverted, N = Negative, D = Delayed


Also, it can be really hard doing a reading for yourself especially if you’re going through lots of stuff.

I recommend you to get a reading done for you. The best way is to look for one who isn’t affiliated with an online group, neither keen, bitwine or oranum (they have some great readers but also a lot of charlatan types). Also don’t go to a reader no matter where if they don’t have a photo of themselves.

Etsy has some good options such as PsychicAmanda for a quick read. If you want in depth information and want some life issues cleared up, you will probably need to look at a proper session to give the reader time to delve in and give you good value.


Sometimes no answer means let it go, and come back later, you might be too scrambled wanting an answer…confusion will do that. Rest, let it go, then come back in a couple of days and ask again


Thanks @Francisco @roxanne :blush::+1:t2: