Had a blast

Had just an amazing 4th. Hope u all did aswell. Its so reassuring when u meet someone and they just “know” that u are a witch and a healer immediately. Makes u feel warm and fuzzy inside.


That is so great. A friend of mine is Cherokee and we’ve been having spiritual discussion lately. He gave me the biggest complement last night when he said that from the moment he met me he knew he didn’t have to watch out for me, I wasn’t a danger and in fact could one day help him. It’s always nice when we can connect to others on a spiritual manner, even if they don’t practice exactly like we do.


Yessssss. I actually could tell he had arthritis. So i made him some of tea and 2 of my oils and gifted them to him. And i went back 2 days later and he told me that he loved them


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