Hail Mighty Hecate

Hail Mighty Hecate !

Goddess Who Sees the Unseeable

Keeper of the Sacred Timelines and Cord of Life

Wise Goddess Who presides over Human Journeys

She Who is has the blended Wisdom of Maiden, Mother & Crone

She Who cuts the Cords of Life and Death

Our Hearts and Spirits Praise thy Mysterious Wisdom

Visions of You fill our Dreams and Nightmares with Many Emotions

Hail Mighty Hecate, Queen of the Night, Mistress of the Unknown

Harvester of All Creatures in their Turn

### Oh Great Goddess May we know Your Wisdom

May our own Passages be as Bountiful as the Harvesting of Grains

May our Essences nourish Gaia in our Birth, our Life, and in our Death

Mighty Hecate, Keeper of Hidden Wisdom & Secrets, Praise thy Name

I offer You my Labors and Skills, May I use them well in Your Name

I am Grateful for the Blessed Crops of the Fields

May I be ever Grateful for All the Gift of Life’s Fullness**

In my Time, May I welcome Your Embrace carrying me Away
May my Spirit be worthy of the Gifts given me on my Journey***
Mighty Hecate help me to Live well, and in my Time, Embrace You Well
I honor Your essence in many names

Source: https://www.spiralgoddess.com/FeminineDivine/HecateTemple.html