Handwritting Challenge - Tarot Journal

I love my writual planner! I do a 3 card reading everyday. It keeps me engaged (as my ADHD would have me chasing squirrels). My new one just shipped today and should be here soon! I can’t wait to do my year reading!


I can’t wait for mine to get here. My year is coming to an end (Samhain), so I will be doing my year spread soon as well.


I missed the sale. The shipping to Canada is basically half the price of the planner. :frowning:
I may wait to see if they put it on sale again in the new year.


Do they have a digital version?


I think they did last year but it looks like they don’t for 2023.


@Amaris_Bane I have a question about the Writual planner. I bought the 2023 planner because what you had written inspired me.
I love it.
I have a question on how you use it though. I did the annual spread. So I now have a card for each month. Now when I go to February, it asks for the energy this month then love, money, work etc.
Do you put the Feb card from your annual spread as the energy this month (that is what I am inclined to do) or do you repull a card each month? If you repull a card, how do you use the cards from the annual spread?


Great question! When I got mine last year I had the same one. What I do is do the year ahead spread at the beginning of January. I use this as a “guide” of what to expect for the year.

Each month, I then repull for the energy. Sometimes the cards line up with each other, other times they don’t. I see this as what I’ve done between the year pull and the current month having changed the energy. Some times for the better, some times for the worse.

I believe that nothing is set in stone and I can change what is “supposed” to happen. For example, if I pull the 10 of swords for April this can mean betrayal by someone. Well, now I know and try to make changes to prevent it - cutting out toxic people, checking my own behavior, etc.


Thanks!!! It makes sense to repull. I was just worried I would get stuck in too many cards and messages. I think I am going to do one month with the pull from the year and the next month repull and see which I like better. I do agree that there is movement with the changes I make. It will be interesting to see. I am so glad I got the planner.