Happy Foraging

Hi I went for a wonderful bike ride today and here is what I found:

Red Mulberry

Pink and orange Lantana

Austral Blue Bell

Purple Top Vervain

Dog Fennel (smells divine)

I picked a few of each and thanked Gaia for her gifts of nature. If you are knowledgeable about these flowers, trees and fruit let me know what I should do with them spell wise (I will most likely dry them out). I am pretty sure the mulberries will be eaten before I even get to keep them (thanks to curious husband and kids).

Also just want to shout out to the completely free app Plantnet on the App Store it works like a charm for identifying many species of plants, flowers, herbs, fruit and veges and more… :blush:


Here are some more finds on the walk home from my kid’s school:

Norfolk Island Pine (this one is massive and looks like a Christmas tree in front on my door)

Mickey Mouse plant

Plum (not quite ripe but already a few fell off the tree)

Hawaiian Hibiscus (in my front yard)

Crab apple

Marmalade Bush

Coastal Rosemary

Horseshoe Geranium

Gardenia (also have some next to front door and smells the best when the wind blows)

Endive Chicory


Bird of Paradise

Banks’ Grevillea



Austrian Copper Rose

Portland Rose



Wild Iris

I would appreciate it again if anyone knows anything Magick related from the top of your mind about these trees, fruits and flowers :heart:


Thanks for sharing the pics!! I don’t have any magical knowledge to share about these but I really enjoyed looking at them.


You are most welcome! :blush: Honestly if it wasn’t for the app i am in the same boat don’t worry :blush:


Everything looks absolutely gorgeous @TheMuslimWitch- I’m always in awe of the stunning wild and plant life you are blessed with there! It’s really fun to see the pictures :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The identification apps are truly a blessing and they really come in handy for hobby plant spotting, but I would hesitate to trust them 100%. I’ve heard that they’re not always accurate (there’s an article here that says that one app they tested was only 35% accurate :worried:)- which, if you’re just using it for fun is harmless, but could mean sickness or even death if you accidentally use or consume a poisonous plant.

Just watching out for a friend here- please be very careful if you choose to use any plants you forage from the wild! :pray::heart:

I see a few that sound/look familiar, but plants are tricky little buggers haha- I’ve learned that just because I know a plant at home, when I switch countries I’m starting over from zero. For example, it turns out that sweet delicious chestnuts in the USA and Japan aren’t the same as chestnuts here in Europe- the chestnuts here are poisonous. Go figure! :sweat_smile: :chestnut:

But while I hesitate to try to identify or recommend uses for uncertain plants, I can attest that everything looks amazingly beautiful- we’re going into cold, dark winter here, so it makes me really happy to see such lovely flowers and vibrant greenery! :green_heart: :blossom:

Thank you for sharing the pics, @TheMuslimWitch- they brought some light and joy into my day!

Lots of love and blessed be! :sun_with_face: :sparkles:


Your very welcome and no need to worry, i wouldn’t consume or externally use any plants i wouldn’t normally eat or if it is from an unknown source this goes even more so with my own judgement as a baby witch. I really appreciate your concern and you have mentioned the most important thing which i should have mentioned on the post: Don’t eat anything you are not 100% sure about kids its extremely dangerous :blush:


Those are some beautiful pictures @TheMuslimWitch :heart_eyes: thank you for sharing! I’m with @BryWisteria – I don’t know anything magically about what you shared but I do know now what a Jacaranda looks like [cue Encanto music] :laughing:


Us witches gotta look out for one another! :heart: :hugs:

Lots of love and happy flower hunting to you, @TheMuslimWitch- please feel free to share your gorgeous pics anytime, they really are a delight to see! :bouquet: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Sure and i will! I am sorry i couldn’t get the wattle i wanted to share i promised a while back they are no longer in bloom and all is left is the tree and it’s leaves :blush:


No worries at all! I completely understand the sadness of things going out of season. But the happy thing is that they always come around again on the next turn of the Wheel- I’m sure you’ll be spotting pretty wattle again before you know it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The plants are beautiful @TheMuslimWitch! Thanks for sharing!


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Yay that is so true. It is the cycle of life


Your most welcome. I hope i didn’t tire anyone out it was an extensive amount of photos lol


I love lantanas!


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