Happy herb shop looks like new favorite shop 😂

With a facination and passion for herbilism and really wantung to learn i had been looking for supplier of herbal teas for remedies or herbs to use in teas say if combined herbs for a certain need. I remember we used to have a happy herb shop near me but being a christian at the time n thinking it was a smoke shop( i never went in). I have asthma so i definatly don’t smoke. I later found out they sold herbs just like herbs, yes some can be smoked but thet also talk about teas n sell things like sage sticks etc. Im like pagan paradise esp for herbalism both for health n my own practice. So excited. I even foubd these roll on palo santo with crystals and yeah so i was so exvited about the herbal mix and the fact its not really expensive not as far as can tell. So my excitement caused me to want to share esp as id been looking for place to source specialty teas like herbal teas n herbal mixes. I can make my own or by a mix. Its so cool. N now im like motivated to make time in busy schedule to really start studying herbalism more regularly not just hit n miss. Study or research on things i like or want or even need keep getting pushed aside because of demands of others and responsibilities. Even if the thing i need or want are things that would help me get unstuck in long run if i can incorporate herbalism or herbal products in future business. N use im my work ( and my workings😁). Id been hesitant to use loose leaf or loose whatever based teas ( not in a teabag) as i worried about things floating in my tea. But i think maybe with right assessories like tea diffuser things it might be ok. And im so excited to give things a try and mix things and maybe even use my plant clinic book a bit more. Ive barely uses it since got it cause i didnt have the herbs needed for alot of the recipes. But now i know where to get them booya! Yep im excited. For so many reasons.


That sounds like a great shop! I’m glad you found them!


Woohooo!!! I’m so happy you found the herbal shop and I am getting second-hand excitement that you are delving deeper into Herbalism- it’s one of my personal favorite areas of magick and I always love to see others enjoying it too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :green_heart:

Apologies if I already shared it with you in the past (I really love this one lol), but have you explored the Green Witch Lessons yet? There’s a lesson on many herbs and plants that are foundational in herbalism, and as a bonus they talk about the medicinal properties and the magickal properties- most of my herbalism books don’t have the magick touch, so it’s fun to learn them both :sparkles::herb::blush:

The loose leaf tea can take some getting used to, but it’s an interesting experience all on its own :blush: And as a bonus, you can do Tea Leaf Readings when you’ve finished your cup! :coffee: :star_struck:

Good luck and happy studies, @Phoenix_Fire! Enjoy your herbal store adventurers!


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