Harmony's Shield: A Freezer Spell for Conflict Resolution

Hi everyone!

I found inspiration for this in the Spell A Day: August 29, 2023 post. @BryWisteria helped me find some spells on the site that I wanted to work with. (Thank you! :black_heart:)

I decided to combine these spells in a way that suits my needs. In this post, I’ll share the combined recipe, walk you through my process, and update you on how things turn out!

The Spell

This spell aims to promote peace and deter negativity in challenging situations. This spell combines elements from three different spells to create a ritual to resolve conflicts and dispel harmful energies. You, too, can use it to bring balance and tranquillity into your life.


  • Container with a lid
  • Paper and pencil
  • 1 white candle
  • 2 lemons or 2 tbsp vinegar
  • 9 cloves
  • Salt
  • Dried mint

As you can see here, I’m missing mint, and I decided to use lemon juice and red wine vinegar. Red wine vinegar because, well, apparently any vinegar will work and I thought it would be interesting to try something so different!


Begin by clearing your mind and inviting mental clarity. Dispel any negativity from your thoughts. You can achieve this by meditating or casting a protective circle, setting the stage for the forthcoming spell.

Candle of Intent

Begin with a white candle. White embodies safety, purity, peace, and more. It’s a versatile hue that symbolises truth, healing, and unity. Light this candle to imbue your spell with these attributes.

Naming the Conflict

Document the names of those responsible for the turmoil on individual pieces of paper. Each name stands alone, representing a source of conflict or harm.

Choosing the Elixir

Either extract the essence of two lemons or pour two tablespoons of vinegar into the designated container. Lemons, renowned for cleansing and obstacle removal, align well with this ritual. Alternatively, vinegar, known for banishment and purification, serves the same purpose. Opt for what resonates with your intent.

Infusion of Names

Integrate the papers bearing names into the liquid inside the container. As they submerge, visualise the individuals in question, connecting their actions to the elements at play.

Cloves of Defense

Introduce nine cloves to the container. These cloves offer protection, banishment, and the silencing of gossip. They work harmoniously to alleviate grief and cleanse the aura.

Mint’s Vigour

Add a touch of dried mint, a herb known for heightening energy, promoting communication, and safeguarding. Its properties align seamlessly with the aims of the spell.

Saline Shield

Enhance the mixture with a pinch of salt, renowned for purifying, cleansing, and protecting. This addition bolsters the overall effectiveness of the spell.

Sealing the Spell

Securely seal the container, safeguarding the intentions contained within. Employ the candle’s wax to seal thecontainer’s energy further if you desire added symbolism.

Empowering Incantation

Clutch the container in your dominant hand and gently shake it as you recite the following incantation:

[Name(s)], your harmful deeds now cease to bind.
No longer your power over me, I find.
As cloves seal lips, bitterness takes its flight.
In frozen enchantment, conflicts lose their might.
Let harmony reign, let strife find release.
Serenity’s embrace, in this frozen peace.

Contemplative Focus

Engage in meditation, centring your thoughts on harmony and resolution. Imagine your path ahead illuminated and free from obstacles. Dedicate a few minutes to this mindful contemplation.

Solidifying Intentions

Place the container within the freezer, solidifying your intentions and creating a protective shield against negativity. As the contents freeze, conflicts and harmful energies are symbolically arrested.

Closure and Disposal

When the situation calms down and conflicts begin to subside, dispose of the frozen container. You can either throw them away or bury them outside your home.

Remember to cleanse thoroughly any items you wish to keep for future spells.

By combining the essence of these three spells, I’m hoping this offers a comprehensive approach to conflict resolution, protection from negativity, and the promotion of peace. The aim, overall, is to create a harmonious atmosphere and pave the way for positive interactions and personal growth.


Great spell! Your conflicts should stop soon enough.


This is amazing, @starborn! You took the inspiration and crafted something beautiful that is all your own- what a lovely spell, and I really appreciate how you walked us through the process too. Thank you so much for sharing the step-by-step process- it is very clear and easy to follow! :heart:

Please do keep us updated as it manifests for you- I hope you find all of the peace you are seeking. Be gone, negativity! :raised_hands:

Blessed be :sparkles:


Oh my Gods, this is such an amazing spell :clap: I love how you took inspiration from other spells and crafted one for exactly what you needed. I’m sure it’ll work wonderfully!


Fabulous. :sparkling_heart: This is beautifully crafted. Wishing all the best as it accomplishes your purpose :kissing_heart:


Woww @starborn i just saw this! Honestly i would say just the same that everyone else has already said!! :astonished: :heart_eyes: I am speechless, you are one talented witch and of course an amazing spell caster. :witch_hat: :magic_wand: The way you have combined those three unique spells and like Bry said, creating something entirely new and original! :sparkling_heart: This seems like some spell alchemy to me, honestly. :star_struck: :sparkles: This is definitely going to be your ultimate solution for all those unwanted conflicts, my dear!
So Mote It Be :pentagram: :pentagram: :pentagram:


So… It’s become hard to tell how well this has gone so far.

The two targets have both reached out to me to see how I’m doing. They did seem more pleasant than usual. One wanted to drop by and see how I was doing, which is totally not normal.

But they’re also both been very sick, having had the flu. Hopefully the two things aren’t related. :sweat_smile:

I checked my book on physical witchcraft just to make sure nothing I used also had baneful properties. Vinegar does, it can be used for corroding… Corroding what? I don’t know. Health?! :thinking:

Then there was dust, which can make the new seem old, cause sneezing, breathing difficulty, and inflame asthma. I didn’t add any dust on purpose, but maybe there was some?

Anyway, other than that, nothing.

I did notice “plague” is in the list of baneful ingredients. :joy: Gosh, that bottle of plague I casually keep around will actually be useful for something now.



Just a thought, I have done some baneful craft in the past, and I found that it wasn’t so much the ingredients as it was the intent :person_shrugging:, so if I’m reading what your saying in the right way, if you intended an ingredient for non baneful Magick then that’s all it should do, I think. I’d have to consult my “Wicked Grimoire”, to make sure. :sparkling_heart:


I just want to pop in with a note that there’s been a lot of Covid, the flu, and some sort of upper respiratory infection going around in many places right now. It’s entirely possible (and the most probably explanation) that the sickness and your spell are not connected at all :pray:


Great spell!! Thanks!