Has anyone else learned about the Morrigan?

Recently, the Morrigan (Celtic Goddess) has been appearing throughout my days. I was wondering if anyone else has learned about her & might have additional resources? :thinking: I’m currently reading a book titled “the Morrigan, meeting the Great Queen” :bookmark:


I checked my B.o.S on deities and all I have on her is this fact sheet I took from one of the emails spells8 sends. And I know @SilverBear shared a recipe for Morrigan oil Witch, Hekate, & Morrigan… Oh My! on that post


Thank you! I have found a lot or a good amount, on Pinterest. But… it’s Pinterest… I did find a statue for her on Etsy. If this seems to be a thing, then maybe I will get it if I feel I need to work with her. :thinking:

I’m going to see if we have a printable for her on the site or I’ll make 1 for my BoS :books:


Actually I think on Amazon I had better luck with a Morrigan statue appearing before I would find a representation of Frigga


I try to use Etsy for altar items or witchy things. I usually wind up supporting a pagan small business of some kind that way.

I actually found her, she is a Triple Goddess, so I wanted to see what a representation of her for a statue was or if it was similar to the 1 I have as a symbol rather than the actual deity.

I have gotten candles & the like from Amazon in the past though!


I love Etsy too but I just didn’t see any items that I felt drawn to honoring Frigga so as a last resort went to Amazon


Yup, I have been there too with items. It happens though, once you cleanse & set your intentions it’ll be all yours!


I can try to post links but I don’t think that they’ll work


Offerings for the Morrigan:

Crystals associated with her:

There you go love!!!


Ooo… thank you! :hugs: Since I’m being lazy tonight on my phone :iphone: I am going to look at these in the AM :sunrise_over_mountains: so I can bookmark them! Thank you so much! :parrot: :two_hearts:


No but coincidentally I saw her name for the first time this week in a metaphysical shop and recognized it in your post. You all inspired me to read more about her. She is fascinating! So many “threes” …


Oh my goodness ladies it sounds as if I need to try connecting with the morrigan myself


Oh good! I’m happy that it’s not just me. :blush:

I have bookmarked all the sites so I can look at them throughout the day, mainly when I have my witchy time… thank you so much @christina4

I hope they help others that are starting to learn about her too! It’s such an interesting Goddess with her triplicity & that 3 sisters can make up the Morrigan. I’m really enjoying learning about her.


Here’s a link dump for you :partying_face:

:raven: First Battle of Moytura → https://loraobrien.ie/first-battle-of-moytura-cath-muige-tuired-cunga/

:raven: Prayer to The Morrigan → https://loraobrien.ie/morrigan-prayer/

:raven: The Morrigan in Irish Mythology (this link has so many more sources in it to check out) → https://loraobrien.ie/morrigan-irish-mythology/

:raven: A quote from my Irish friend who works with Na Mórrígna → "Na Mórrígna is very much an Irish deity. They are not gentle or soft. They have an atmosphere unlike any other thing I have experienced and if you do not set up strong boundaries they will steamroll you. Irish gods are also heavily transactional. You pay for every little thing you get. "

Check out the sources in that last link, for sure. Lora O’Brien’s linked a lot of stuff and also has several more book recommendations :blush: I think Morgan Daimler or Courtney Weber just wrote a book about Na Mórrígna but I could be wrong.


Yes! Thank you :partying_face:

I have 2 books :books: on Morrigan & 1 is by
Morgan Daimler. (I still prefer paperback :joy:)

What I have read about Celtic & Irish Paganism & their God’s & Goddesses it seems that is not unheard of.

I don’t get a feeling like this whenever I learn about or work with Brigid. Hers is more warm & inviting. This feeling is more adamant to learn all I can about Morrigan right now. It’s a very strong take your time & learn. Kind of a 1 step at a time while making sure to pay attention & soak it all in… but start now :heart:


Thanks to everyone for all of the resources about the Morrigan! She is very interesting to learn about :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know several Slavic countries have a diety called Morana- a female deity of winter, dreams, and death. Villages in Poland burn or drown an effigy of Morana to banish the winter and welcome in spring every year :snowflake:

Morana shares a lot of similarities with the Morrigan and may be face of the Morrigan in Slavic traditions.

Video here for anyone interested in Her! :black_heart:


Oh, thank you! I am going to see what I can find out about her! I really appreciate it @TheTravelWitch_Bry!


You’re very welcome, @Siofra_Strega! I’m glad if it was helpful- wishing you all the best in your studies of Her! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am about halfway through a book about Her & I have gone through the links from @christina4. I have also gone down some rabbit holes too :joy: I’m still sorting out why I am being called to learn about her & possibly working with her. She is connected to Samhain, so maybe that will be the 1st time I put something out for her & ask for Her assistance.

Before that happens, I am setting up a small altar for Brigid in my space & asking her if I can work with the Morrigan for a bit while still honoring Her

The more I learn though, the more I feel some kind of connection with the Morrigan. It strengthens with each article or piece of information that I learn or is reinforced. It’s a good feeling! I do have crow feathers from the summer that were in my driveway. I also found a lovely bronze statue of the Morrigan on Etsy. So we’ll see what happens, I don’t want to rush into anything blindly at this point I guess.


I meant to add that I found out 1 of the ways to work with her is with Storm Water. I don’t know if anyone remembers, but my son found me some jars & bottles. I have been a little slacking during the days with getting them rinsed out & off my front porch. (Baby Steps :footprints:) Anyway, last night we had a storm :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: & it started filling the jars. My first thought when I saw them was to keep them for Morrigan. Then I remembered that I never cleaned the dirt out of them from when my son found them. So I have them still out there because we are supposed to get another storm starting sometime tonight. Then I will wash out the outsides of them & move the water into a container that I can seal or find a way to cap them. :blush:


I just finished Morgan’s book Meeting the Great Queen. I bought the 2nd book, Raven Goddess. I would definitely recommend reading it to anyone that is interested in her.

Since that’s 2 books in about 2 weeks, I’m going to try to go through the links until a new book club is posted. Thank you so much.