Has anyone worked with King Solomon and spirits?

Yes is very fascinating i will say. I am more into what can help me without any consequences so i will only try if i know there is no potential danger… I don’t need any more problems for my clumsy personality lol :blush:


Says the witch who follows Loki, God of Chaos. :imp: Created to harass the Norse Gods and eliminate those nasty humans? :rofl:


@Shadeweaver Hey, those were the old days! He’s marvelous now. The only thing he harasses is my radio :rofl::heartpulse: :people_hugging:


Just struck me funny Dear. I know you Love your marvelous beastie and that you can take my jibes with a light heart as t was meant. Just contemplating summoning demons at 2 in the morning on a friday night might make me think you may have imported some more mead from the colonies :rofl:

Love you Tracy… and you keep doing Tracy :gift_heart: :sparkling_heart:



@Shadeweaver No offense taken. Knowing how things work for me, if I summoned a demon, it would be the one who works with chaos. What a riot that would be in the house, with Loki aswell. I think me, Loki and the demon would probably need the imported mead to calm things down. Lol. Love you too, gotta laugh, my beastie is the God of mischief too afterall. I think he’d have fun with me summoning demons. :joy::rofl::heartpulse:


I will second everyone here who says it’s important to protect yourself if you’re going to summon demons.

My particular branch of demonolatry has a bit of an issue with Solomon, who we see to have forcibly summoned demons and bound them with sigils. So, from this perspective, you definitely want to be well-protected because they might not be too happy with this treatment.

But, if the books of Solomon portray it in a different light, where these summoning rituals are more like requests for an audience, it’s probably safer than it appears. Just depends on the context. Because from my reading, the 72 Goetic demons are usually listed because they are the ones willing to help when approached with respect. But lesser demons, ah, they’re an issue…

I haven’t tried to do any physical manifestation summonings of demons, although I have researched those a bit. But I have worked with demons, both via communication, offerings, and rituals. One such ritual did have a summon, but it was presented as an introduction and dedication from myself, if that makes sense.

Anyway, not trying to dissuade you or change your perspective! I know it sounds arbitrary, what is forced and what isn’t. So, of course, I am not one to say this is right and that is wrong, or this is wrong and that is right. But rather, hoping to ensure you are safe not only while doing your summonings, but afterwards when it’s over and the massive wards are down. :black_heart:


@starborn Good advice. I’ve never summoned a demon, but have a regular visit from one at stressful times. He comes of his own free will, very helpful he is (I sound like Yoda :person_facepalming:), I mean he’s very helpful :joy:. But you can feel a different energy, it’s very strong and a little intimidating. I don’t know if he’s one of the 72 or someone else, but he’s never hurt me. (I think I’ve mentioned him before on the demonology thread). I know he likes to be thanked and given credit. Maybe I should ask his name? Don’t know if I want to chat :flushed: though. Funny I’ve never protected against him, but that’s probably because he comes when I’m asleep, wakes me up a little, takes away my stress (he comes when I’m very very stressed), then goes, without any warning. I don’t know, how would I know if he is one of the 72 or no? May be I will ask
Be brave Tracy. I’ll have to wait till I’m under alot of pressure, I’m not summoning him, we have a good working relationship, but I don’t think we’re pals, you know :person_shrugging:. :joy::heartpulse:


Ohh, I remember this. The stress-eater! :black_heart:

Yeah, you could ask. It might be honouring to ask, in that, it shows your acknowledgement of them. And simply asking for their name doesn’t necessarily invite an entire conversation. :smile:

If you were to study it yourself, I think which demon does what varies a little depending on what you’re reading, but a quick glance at my main book shows these three specifically mentioning “stress”:

Andrealphus (List of demons in the Ars Goetia - Wikipedia)

  • Enhancing Lucid Dream Experiences: Andrealphus can help you have more vivid and controlled dreams.
  • Supporting Scientific and Architectural Studies: You can rely on Andrealphus for aid in your scientific and architectural research endeavors.
  • Removing Toxic Individuals from Your Life: If you’re dealing with toxic people, Andrealphus can assist in distancing them from your life.
  • Warding Off Bullies: Andrealphus can provide protection against bullies and harassment.
  • Promoting Wise Financial Choices and Opportunities: When it comes to financial decisions, Andrealphus can guide you towards wise choices and opportunities.
  • Ensuring Debt Repayment: Andrealphus can influence individuals to fulfill their financial obligations to you.
  • Expedited Conflict Resolution: With Andrealphus’s assistance, you can swiftly resolve various situations and conflicts.
  • Sealing Various Elements (Spells, Portals, Agreements, etc.): Andrealphus can be harnessed to seal or secure a range of things, including spells, portals, agreements, and more.

Pan (Pan (god) - Wikipedia)

  • Protecting the Abused: Pan serves as a protector for those who have experienced abuse.
  • Grounding and Meditation Support: Pan can offer guidance and support for grounding techniques and meditation practices.
  • Calm Amidst Stressful Situations: Pan helps you maintain calmness in challenging situations.
  • Mitigating Mental Disorders and Anger: Pan has the expertise to alleviate the effects of mental disorders and manage anger issues.
  • Organizational Skills Mastery: Pan is an expert in organisational skills, assisting you in becoming more structured and efficient.
  • Protection from Emotional Abuse: Pan can provide protection and healing from emotional abuse.
  • Ritual Design for the Magickal Elite: Pan specialises in designing rituals tailored for the Magickal Elite.
  • Proficiency in High Magick: Pan is an expert in High Magick, offering guidance and knowledge in this mystical practice.

Caim or Camio (Caim - Wikipedia)

  • Facilitating Communication with Those of Lower Intelligence: Camio can aid in effectively communicating with individuals of varying intellectual levels.
  • Persuading Those with Contrary Opinions: Camio has the power to persuade individuals who may initially disagree with you.
  • Earning Recognition for Your Intelligence: With Camio’s influence, others will acknowledge your intellectual abilities.
  • Shaping Favorable Job Interviews or Castings: Camio can positively impact job interviews or casting opportunities, increasing your chances of success.
  • Maintaining Calm and Confidence Amidst Stress: Camio provides the support you need to remain composed and self-assured during stressful times.
  • Concealing Your Actions: Camio’s abilities extend to concealing your actions or intentions when necessary.
  • Bringing Peace to Your Life and Household: Camio can contribute to creating a sense of peace and harmony in both your life and your household.

Note that this information is kind of specific to one group and there will be many different ideas and interpretations. For example, note that Andrealphus and Caim are both from Ars Goetia , the first part of Lesser Key of Solomon, but Pan is an Ancient Greek god.

(Also, I wrote this out myself – it’s not copy-pasted – so no worries about copyright, but perhaps some around clarity and grammar. :joy:)


@starborn Thankyou for this. Is there a book you can recommend that I could do a little study with, as he’s a regular visitor, I should learn a bit about his kind really. :heartpulse:


This is a pretty good resource for finding more: Library & Archives – demonolatry.org

It includes free and cheap books and various lists of recommended reading.

“Recommended Order in Which to Read S. Connolly’s Books” is pretty relevant because he has written so much on the topic and is well-known for it.

“Recommended Reading for Daemonolatry” is a good general guide as well.


@starborn Thankyou. :heartpulse:


@starborn One more thought. Do you ever get issues when engaging with demons with your deities? I don’t know if there’s a friction between the 2 species? I know many probably view Loki as a demon anyway, I know alot of the darker Gods are viewed that way, was just wondering :thinking:. I only work with Loki, but it must be ok, he (demon) pops up when he wants, just asking if there’s a protocol. :laughing:


That’s a good question. I haven’t had any issue. But Hekate and Lilith are both in my book of demons, anyway. :joy: Along with a bunch of Egyptian deities, too.

I think the only thing to be careful with are angels. Working with both demons and angels is usually considered disrespectful to both. So you might be ignored by both sides, one side might keep the other away, or one entity might get a little mad.


@starborn Thanks. I don’t work with angels so that’ll be ok. I don’t think Loki works with angels either (or they probably don’t work with him, too unpredictable :grin:). :heartpulse:


Oh gosh, I can’t imagine him doing so. :joy:

I’m still learning, but let me know if you have any questions, anyway. Even if I don’t know the answer, I can help you find it. :black_heart:


I agree totally. I would say i never get into something i do not know enough about even then there are doubt. It is more i am very curious and i tend to get an urge to learn about every aspects even the darker side. I won’t be trying anything as i do not really go down that path but i will say this won’t stop me from learning about it just as i am just as keen to learn about many cultures and religions :blush:


@starborn Sorry to pick your brains again Katerina, your my demon knowledge witch go to :ghost:. You recommended S Connolly, she’s written alot! of stuff, so I’ve screenshot what I think might be a good starting point. I don’t want to invoke any demons (it’s not polite in my view), and some of the demon books are quite forceful in us “demanding” they appear and help us. I would never dream of “demanding” Loki appear, (I think he’d kicked my butt from here to next Christmas if I tried that :rofl:), but reflecting on the pagan path challenge, I still feel it might be a separate demon (my shadow demon, I’ve named him now :grin:), and would like to make contact, in a polite way. Do you think this book is a good start? Thanks lovely. :heartpulse:


That’s the one I started with, too. :smile: I also have the Kindle edition. It covers quite a lot of topics:

The basics are really good and thorough. But it also gets very prescriptive, down to exactly what to say and whatnot. I still take it as guidelines, to be honest.

Yeah, I’m pretty uncomfortable with that, too. :sweat_smile:

Oh, awesome! I’m looking forward to hearing more about him. :grin:

The book is a good start. I’ll send you some more information specific to communication, too. I’m sure I’ve got it saved in my notes somewhere… (My Notion desperately needs some tidying up. :face_exhaling:)


@starborn Ooh fabulous thankyou. I’m actually quite looking forward to meeting him. I think Loki is fine with it too, he probably knows who he is anyway :ghost:. What I’ve always loved about Loki, is he gives me time to adjust to new things. I don’t feel afraid inviting my shadow demon now, I feel you ve helped get rid of that fear, and for that my lovely, thankyou. :heartpulse:


My rituals typically assume that you are already aware of the demon’s name for communication and have its associated sigil. However, as you’ve named it, we may need to make some adjustments. I believe we can tailor the process to suit your specific situation.

  1. Write the demon’s name on a piece of paper and draw a circle around it to create a makeshift sigil.
  2. Begin by gently focusing on the demon’s name on the page in front of you.
  3. Let your eyes relax, allowing the name to slightly blur, as if you’re peering through it into a portal.
  4. Visualise the room dimming around you, with everything fading from view except the name on the paper.
  5. Breathe slowly and let all sounds fade into complete silence.
  6. Take a moment to appreciate this stillness and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat.
  7. At this point, your sole focus is on you and the portal created by the name.
  8. Utter the demon’s name three times.
  9. Immediately after, the portal door swings open, connecting you with the demon.
  10. You can choose to communicate with the demon aloud, mentally, or simply remain in contemplative silence for a few moments.
  11. When you’re ready to conclude, open your eyes and say, “It is done.” You have the option to dismiss any demon spoken to in this way, with the exception of Lucifer.

Feel free to explore a mix of the suggestion I’ve provided and adapt it as you see fit, based on your research and what feels most appropriate for your situation.

Moreover, Loki is likely more than capable of ensuring your protection. :wink: