Has anyone worked with King Solomon and spirits?

Hi I was just wondering, is there anyone here who has worked with the Spirits or King Solomon? I won’t lie I have been very curious about the Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon, and after reading a bit of the book, I am curious.
Now, I personally find it risky and am in no position to try with little information and experience I have, but thought I could see if anyone has tried and what were the results.
Also does anyone wear or worn the seal of Solomon?
Any input will be greatly appreciated :blush:


I don’t use the seal myself, but I know there’s a section about one version of the seal of Solomon on the Good Luck Sigil page:

The Seal of Solomon, for example, comes from the legend of the signet ring attributed to King Solomon in medieval Arabic tradition. There are many versions of it, here’s one:

Seal of Solomon Sigil

From Spells8: Good Luck Sigil

I don’t work with the keys, seals, or spirits of King Solomon myself, so I’m afraid that’s all I have to offer right now!

I’ll be watching along to learn from others with more wisdom- I hope they will have some information and advice for you! :pray:

Blessed be


Interesting. I named both my boys after Solomon. Jedidiah and Lemuel were both names of Solomon.


I worry about the iron in the seal even metaphorically, clashing with the Fey I work with, so I only have read about him. I love Udemy’s courses though and there’s one now that is very reasonably priced — if I were interested in working with him or the spirits, I’d consider this:


Blessed be!!!


Thank you and yes i have seen that sigil in the Book Lesser Keys of King Solomon and apparently there are quiet a few. I also will be waiting to learn more from others :blush:


I have not worked with King Solomon, but the books of and on Solomon have always always interested me. In what you’ve discovered already, do you have any recommended reading?


Well i have purchased: The Magical Books of Solomon: The Greater and Lesser Keys & The Testament of Solomon By Aleister Crowley, S.L. Macgregor Mathers, and F.C. Conybear. I have found it is a great read as it has all the three books in one and is priced reasonably. So far i have just started reading as being busy and all doesn’t help me with getting through it as fast as i would like, but i would say is defiantly worth easing your curiosity :blush:


Awesome! It sounds like the books are loaded with information- I hope they have everything you are searching for and more :blush: :books:

Good luck, enjoy, and keep us updated! :heart:


Thank you! This is helpful in my start!


I’ve never worked with anything in the grimoire tradition (I think that’s what this is called…I’m not sure) but I do know the Key of Solomon is available on Sacred Texts for free.

This is work that’s beyond my scope of practice. It’s very ceremonial and, if I’m not mistaken, actually calls on God during the workings. It also deals with the Goetia and the demons of Hell, I believe? I did a quick search on YouTube and found some videos that might help you, too!


I heard weird things might happen when you have the book at home and/or read it. Did you experience anything?


Sorry can i ask. I could be wrong being brought up a christian🤦‍♀️but isnt king solomon like a person from bible… But you mentionef Crowely. Wasnt he big on magic and wasnt king solomon like serve a deity fully against magic. Or is this differejt king solomon or am i misfaken about his connection to magic. Not a criticism or having a go by the way, its a genuine confusion n i think i missed something here so thought id ask


Oh, this is interesting. @Phoenix_Fire I only know the Solomon of the bible too, but there are other texts about the bible that are not in the bible, Jewish tradition , I’m working my way through this book

Also @MeganB what is

I’ve looked up this “grimoire tradition” and all I get is what a grimoire is, is this demonology? ( and I don’t mean demons in an evil sense, but demons as in another form of entity/spirit creature, I personally don’t believe all demons are evil, maybe some as in everything, but not a blanket all).
@TheMuslimWitch What have you discovered? This is a whole new load of information here. It must be exciting for you. Glad Ive seen this post. :sparkling_heart:


Maybe grimoire tradition isn’t the right phrase… :sweat_smile: but yes, I think it’s more to do with demonology as in the older meaning of the word demon, e.g. daemon. This word comes from ancient Greek and just means a spirit or entity that is more than human but less than a God.

Daimons are lesser divinities or spirits, often personifications of abstract concepts, beings of the same nature as both mortals and deities, similar to ghosts, chthonic heroes, spirit guides, forces of nature, or the deities themselves.

Daimon - Wikipedia

But please, don’t quote me on this. This type of tradition is nowhere near anything I know a lot about lol


@MeganB Thanks. This is another trail that I’m going to go down. Beauty of the craft. So many discoveries :joy::sparkling_heart:


haha you’re welcome! Glad I could help at least a little bit!


I haven’t experienced anything weird so far, but i would be a little hesitant to try anything alone only because i am not experienced and i believe if you don’t know what you are doing it is better to leave it be or gain sufficient experience before trying. To me its like when kids play with Ouija boards for fun when they could seriously stir up some unwanted trouble :blush: :thinking:


Yes no problem always good to earn something new, so all of the prophets in Christianity are also believed by Muslims too including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, etc. There are 25 mentioned in the Quran but some believe there were as many as 124,000 prophets all up :blush:


Well from my perspective (which may be was different to others since i am looking at is from both a religious perspective), King Solomon had the gift (from god) to control Spirits/demons and to do his work and whatever he pleased. From what i know, Solomon wore a ring which enhanced his powers however, it is different from Moses’ staff which i heard he could no use his gifts without it, but in Solomon’s case, he could still control demons/sprits without it.
Solomon worked with both good and bad demons some more willing to help than others and there were 72 in total which all had their own separate rules on how to summon them and also protect yourself which doing so.
So far (being busy and minimal time to read through it as fast as i would like), i am up to the first part (first book) since they have cooperated three books in one (The Greater Keys, The lesser Keys, and The Testament of Solomon).
I will have to update you guys when i read more, but so far it mentions the demons/spirits names and how to summon them :blush:


@TheMuslimWitch ooh how fascinating, I’ve read a little of a book on summoning demons, not finished it, nor have I summoned, but it said they’re not all bad, you need to know who to ask to help with something, as they’re very specific, and protection is needed. I’m going to have to dig it out, goetia? Sounds like you’re learning loads, look forward to learning with you. Thanks lovely :sparkling_heart: