Has anyone worked with Seshat?

So, I am in kind of need to work with a deity of knowledge and wisdom, as I have to pull myself together in my academic journey and I need help. I tried to search in the greek pantheon but my main dieties do not have the best relationships with wisdom ones, so I turned to the other pantheon that I feel more close to, the Egyptian one.

I am wondering if anyone has first hand experience with her, as I could not find a lot on line.

from wikipedia
Seshat was originally the deification of the concept of wisdom, and so became a goddess of writing, astronomy, astrology, architecture, and mathematics

Also, I am open to any other ideas you might have if they can help me to juggle with the academic and working life



Hi @stavroula!

Seshat sounds like an interesting deity, and if you feel a pull to Her I think She’s definitely worth looking into :blush:

I’m afraid I’m not very familiar with Her myself, but @Cosmic_Curiosity shared a small piece about Seshat over in the Zodiac Signs as Egyptian Deities thread. Sharing his lovely graphic here in hopes it might help:

Good luck with your studies - I hope you can find more about Seshat!

Blessed be :sparkles:


I found a reference to Seshet in the book Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology by Robert Graves, pages 27 and 28.
It is available to borrow on Internet Archive at archive.org.

If you wanted to stay in the Greek pantheon, you could try Athena, goddess of war and wisdom.


Thank you! Since non of my big 3 is in Virgo I did not notice it!

I will do so thank you!

I though about it, but my matron is Aphrodite and patron Ares, so it would be a bit awkward (the best case senario) to work with Athena :woozy_face:


I did a search on a Silk browser and came up with:


This last one looks like it may be a repeat of the others. However, there was a popup about quizzes on mythology which caught my attention and interest.


Hola from Mexico :mexico:

When an Egyptian post comes up I can’t help but reply…

Seshat was linked with writing, record-keeping, counting, and measurement. She was seen as the patroness of scribes, accountants, and astronomers. Her consort then was naturally Thoth, who also took on these roles among others. Her record keeping ensured the preservation of Egypts culture and traditions, as well as the pharaoh’s victories and achievements.

Seshat’s name is thought to mean “she who writes” or “female scribe.” She is shown wearing a headdress with a seven-pointed emblem that could represent the branches of a tree or the points of a star. The headdress also had a papyrus plant, which was a symbol of writing and knowledge. The Egyptians wrote on papyrus but also used the reeds as pens/quills. You sometimes see her standing behind the pharaoh, using a reed pen to record the pharaoh’s victories and achievements.

Seshat was responsible for keeping the official records of the Egyptian state, including military victories, census results, tax collections and the construction of temples/monuments. She also played a role in the foundation ceremonies for new temples and cities; she would use a golden reed pen to lay out the dimensions of the new structure.

One way to connect with Seshat is through your work, particularly if it involves writing, books, handing datas and information, record-keeping or accounting, where she can provide guidance. She can also assist in carrying out your own research in to areas of personal interest.

Create an altar for Seshat and consider adding symbols linked to her such as papyrus sheets, papyrus reeds, pens, quills, flat stone tablets or a seven pointed star.light candles and offer prayers asking for her guidance and involvement in your life. Meditate on themes linked to her such as gaining knowledge improving wisdom but also thinks like maintaining order (she was a record keeper afterall so was pretty organised).

Make a big think aboit language and the wirtten word. Read books, practice calligraphy, learn a language (even hieroglyphs) or offer support to intellectual institutions such as schools and libraries or to other areas that need help with record keeping, orga using things or preservation. You could maybe also consider preserving your only family traditions with a family scrapbook or something that can be passed down. That way, it preserves your family culture and legacy, just like Seshat did with the pharaohs.

Hope this helps (and makes sense after some tequila :tumbler_glass::rofl:)

Blessed be



Haha, enjoy tour time in Mexico! Thank you for finding the time to write because it does help a lot :heart_eyes:

I am an accountant :face_holding_back_tears: and when I was 14 I wanted to be an astrophysicist but analytic geometry got the best of me :woozy_face: Also I cannot live without organisation :rofl: (could that be becaus my MC and 10H is in Virgo? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I will gather what is needed and create an altar in my home office, where I do all the research and study for uni.

Also, @georgia @BryWisteria @bj1 Thank you for the information you gave me about the goddess and the time you took to share it :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Alan to the rescue! (Hope you’re having fun - although it sounds like you’re having a blast! :laughing: :sun: :clinking_glasses: )

Happy if it was helpful - wishing you good luck and success as you continue to connect with Seshat :pray: :blush:

Blessed be!


Yes this is a sign! She is patroness of your career choices and your MC also represents your career. Go for it. Speak to her and invite her in.