Haven't met a diety is this normal?

Hi all

I haven’t seemed to have met a single deity so far . I really want you connect with someone but I have done a couple of meditations but so far no success, even I tried on weed but agajn no success .

I’m wondering is this normal? Is their something I’m doing wrong?

I’m saddened everyone else can have these beautiful connections and I haven’t.


@kira-marie There’s nothing wrong. Not everyone who practices the craft has deities. I’m 52, and only just in the last few months have I connected with Loki. I just didn’t see it before or maybe the timing just wasn’t right. My runes said that if I had tried this at a previous time in my life it wouldn’t have worked. I’d say don’t rush it, don’t force it. Just enjoy the craft and all your learning and it’ll come naturally probably when you least expect it (that’s my experience). There’s nothing wrong. Witchcraft does not need to include deity, worship, religion or anything else. I know witches that are totally secular and their magic is fine and they’re very happy. If you want a connection with a deity. It will happen. I’d recommend just keep learning practicing your craft. Read about all different deities, and notice the little things. It took me years before I realised a Deity had been with me all along because I was looking for a vision or miracle or something, instead He’d shown little signs, like me buying rune stones, a couple of decorative spiders, a necklace gifted to me that had his symbol on it. This has gone on for years, and I didn’t notice. It was through my learning here on Spells8 that I started to notice these little things. Yes now I get some crazy experiences but that’s cuz it’s Loki and it’s how he works. Alot of other Deities are alot gentler and softer, which is nice. So my lovely what I’m saying, in a rambling way, is that you’re Lovely, you’re doing fine and at some point the Deity will connect with you, and it may be a gentle awakening, not a big wow. So just enjoy the magic and don’t rush, force or worry. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


@kira-marie yes hon its normal. U will connect with a diety when its right for both of u. Some never meet or deal with dieties in their practices. And that’s completely ok too. Dont get discouraged. The right diety is out there for you.


I think these two wise witches have said it beautifully! I was raised Christian and I have dubbed myself a Christian witch… so I guess I do, technically, have a diety. BUT, I feel so much more connected to the universe and the natural world around me. Just explore! Read about the many different pantheons, learn about the many dieties that exist, and be patient! The journey will be worth it!


It’s absolutely normal, but I can understand the frustration and sadness that comes with not having the same experiences as other witches. Though many witches here have experiences with deities, there are just as many that don’t for one reason or another! :heart:

You’re not doing anything wrong at all! :people_hugging: Sometimes, deities don’t come to us first. That’s okay - and honestly, that’s usually how it happens 98% of the time. There’s nothing wrong with finding a deity you’re interested in and starting to worship or work with them. Usually, once introductions are made - and the deity is open to it - a relationship can be built and those experiences can happen.


If it makes you feel any better, the one dream I can really remember having with the Goddess was in jeans and a fuzzy pink sweater. Not conducive to figuring out what Goddess that is. So that’s one reason why I follow the Triple Goddess and the Mother, without really naming names. She knows who she is. LOL!


As everyone said above and I agree with it 100%, @kira-marie, deities will either come to you in time, or you can begin worshipping one and testing the water with that relationship.

Else, I would add that you could try to connect with spirit guides or angels or ancestral guides. We can help you with that as well if you haven’t already done so? That will get your witchy juju flowing in that direction!

Light and love darling!


Well no, I haven’t and I don’t personally know anyone who has, really. I used to work for a diocese and I was the only one in there, including several ministers and the bishop, who had had anything close to a external spiritual experience that could be sensed (mine was auditory). But all those people still believed in their deity. I’m going to guess that the majority of relgious people have not experienced that connection in a tangible way so I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. I think another choice besides just blind faith is looking at the deity’s story and seeing how it resonates with you or is relevant to your life. So approaching it in more theoretical way. Or another way is looking at the deity as an archetype or personality of people you have known. And that way… you are still experiencing the deity and their story, but you have not visually or otherwise “met,” felt or sensed their presence, as you would say, a person or an animal in the room.