Healing a pet

Hi everyone, Merry meet.
I have a girlfriend with a sick dog that she’s had for 12 years and we’d like to do something before we can get to the vet. He has nerve damage in his back two legs and he hasn’t really drink water or eaten any food. Is there any spells that are easy and effective that I can do before we can get to the doctor, I appreciate it very much and so does she thank you for your time Blessed be


I don’t have any magickal suggestions, but i have other suggestions. I helped take care of my bfs cat before she passed. Toward the end she wouldn’t eat or drink. I got syringes and sat on top of here and manually put water in her mouth by syringe. Also, i wet her food with water to liquify it and draw it up in the syringe and fed her that way as well. Water is very important. I’d definitely make sure to get some water down the pup at least. Pets often show these signs when death is near or there may be an infection or illness, not to offend or upset you. Sorry for your situation

lots of love to you
blessed be


Hello @shannon44,

I’m so sorry about your girlfriend’s dog. Our furry friends are so special and it’s extremely hard when they are ill. I think you are very kind for looking for ways to ease his suffering right now.

I’m not sure if you made it to the vet or not yet, but if you’re still looking for a spell to cast while you wait, perhaps a gentle spell to help ease any pain or discomfort? There is a simple blessing with a white candle that could be geared towards easing the situation, and there’s also a guide to sending healing energy that may be worth a look. I’ll leave the links here.

Keeping you, your girlfriend, and her dog in my thoughts. Whatever happens from here, it sounds like he is in good hands and being cared for with love and empathy. Wishing all of you positive energy :heart:

Blessed be