Healing Balm that is super easy to make?

Hello All!! I am sooo bad at making any sort of rub, balm, salve, etc! They never turn out and are always sticky, stinky, or go bad/fall apart super fast! Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or simple/minimal user error recipes? I have a horrible skin picking issue developed by my anxiety and OCD (working through it) and I need something to soothe my skin with herbal healing properties! I try store bought products but I have no connection with them so the habit doesn’t stick! Thank you!! :sparkles::heart:


I think there are a few recipes here on the forum and hanging around the site. Let me see what I can find! :revolving_hearts:

I’ve made an oil infusion for soothing and healing the skin. I used olive oil as my base, then added dried lavender and dried calendula. I let it steep for a while, strained it, and used it! You could alternatively steep it with the heating method and then it’ll be ready to use faster.

Calendula is really good for healing and soothing, especially the skin!


Hi @laeci,

Just popping in to share my support (I know the feeling of dealing with skin problems!). Megan shared some great recipes and ideas. I’ve made a few skin salves over the years, and when it comes to simplicity, the easiest one by far is the oil infusion that Megan wrote about:

Calendula is my favorite herb for skin conditions- it is gentle and very healing on the skin. It literally saved my hands after years of fighting excema.

A note that infused oil is fast to make but longer to sink into your skin, so I would recommend getting a pair of gloves to wear while you wait for the oil to seep in. Any gloves should work, but if you get the spa/skincare/moisture gloves (I think they go for about $10 a pair) they’re really nice and luxurious :gloves:

Wishing you all the best- blessed be! :sparkles:


Ahh yes, that’s true! I find that it’s much easier to apply after a shower, too, when the skin is nice and warm!


Thank you! I will look into these today and report back for anyone else that is curious!


You’re very welcome! :heart: I hope they work well for you!


Hello All! I decided to go with the infused oil and I think it turned out okay. I am going to attempt a balm tomorrow but I gave the oil a try right after my shower about an hour ago (I finished making it around noon and I put it on around 6pm) I really enjoy the smell and of course the oil can get a bit messy but so far so good!!


Congrats, @laeci! I’m glad the infused oil is working well for you :blush: Good luck with making the balm- let us know how it turns out! Good luck and happy crafting :two_hearts:


I’m glad to hear the infused oil worked well for you! :heart: You’re right, it is a bit messy, but it can bring a lot of healing! :heart: I hope you’ll keep us posted about the healing balm!


@BryWisteria @MeganB I attempted to make the balm but it just doesn’t come together right. It doesn’t solidify all the way and is kinda chunky, I don’t even know what I did wrong haha!!


No worries, @laeci! The texture won’t prevent it from healing- I’m sure it is a lovely balm :blush:

If I may ask, which balm recipe did you decide to use? Did it have beeswax in it? Beeswax is lovely but can be quite finicky when heated, sometimes leading to a clumpy texture.


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