Healing, blessing, spell/prayer for my mother

Hi everyone!
My mother has been going through a but of a rough patch and I wanted to do a spell, prayer, or anything of the sort for her, healing, blessing, etc. Ive seen the “Blessing for a friend” prayer but just wanted to see if anyone knew of or had tried something specifically for mothers?



Hi Amalia! Welcome to the Forum! That’s a very noble request! :pray:

I suggest you make her a small charm bag with a lavender and rosemary, you can put those in a sachet bag for example. :herb:

And include some small crystals that you can charge in the next new moon (in 10 days), or if you can’t wait that long simply bless them with a prayer, such as:

“Oh Great Goddess,
Mother of Mercy and Healing,
Send the energy of Hygeia,
the nourish from Her Sacred Bowl.
Send the energy of Brigid to heal,
with waters of Her Sacred Well.
Send the energy of Demeter,
to restore life to withering cells.
Send the energy of Quan Yin,
to bless the healing with peace.
Send your healing wisdom to the body,
to restore its sacred balance.
Thank you Great Goddess
Mother of All Life”

Very best of luck to you both, and Blessed Be! :raised_hands:


Sit and quietly meditate with a picture of her in front of you. Remember her up and around doing all sorts of things, see her the way she was before she started having problems, see her laughing and enjoying herself. Then make it so.


Greetings and a very warm welcome to you, @Amalia!

I think this is a very noble pursuit, and I absolutely agree with @Francisco and @roxanne. I think it is a good idea to take some quiet time out of your day to focus your thoughts and energies into a prayer and visualization.

I would also suggest that you hold or surround yourself with things that your mother enjoys. Does she have a favorite flower or food? Perhaps while you say the prayer and focus, you can hold a piece of her clothing- maybe her scarf or hat. This will help tie you to her energy while you visualize her becoming well and healthy again. You could also make an offering in her name to a god, spirit, or diety of your choice if that is line with your practice.

I wish you the best of luck with your prayer and please know that I am also wishing for good things for your mother! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you all! I appreciate your help, I’ll definitely give it a go :heartpulse: