Healing Ritual

There are many ways to perform a healing ritual, but here is one example of a witchcraft spell that you can use to help heal yourself or someone else.

You will need:

1 white candle
1 green candle
1 piece of amethyst
1 tablespoon of honey
1 cup of water


  1. Cleanse and prepare your workspace. You can do this by smudging the area with sage, sound, or by simply using intention to clear away any negative energy.

  2. Set up your altar/sacred space. Place the white candle in the center, representing purity and healing. Then, place the green candle to the right of the white candle, representing growth and new beginnings. Place the amethyst on the left of the white candle, representing protection and peace.

  3. Add the honey and water to a small pot or cauldron and stir clockwise. Visualize the honey and water mixing together to create a powerful elixir of healing.

  4. As you stir, recite the following incantation:

"Heal my wounds, soothe my pain
Bring me peace and ease my mind
I am worthy of love and light
I am ready to heal and move on"

  1. When you are finished stirring, use a small spoon to drip some of the honey and water mixture onto the candles. As you do so, visualize the healing energy of the spell working its way into the candles.

  2. Light the candles and let them burn for at least 10 minutes. As they burn, focus on your intention for healing. Visualize yourself surrounded by swirls of green & white light, representing growth, healing, and renewal.

  3. When the candles are finished burning, snuff them out and place the amethyst in your pocket or on your altar. Carry it with you for continued protection and peace. Return the extra water to Mother Earth and be grateful.


This is great! I may have to try this one!


I really love this- it feels like a hug :people_hugging:

Thank you for the beautiful healing ritual, Silverbear! :pray: :heart:


This is the ritual and incantation I will use from now on :star_struck:
But mine is going to be more basic and will not require any stone. :purple_heart: :crescent_moon:


What a beautiful ritual @SilverBear :heart: Iā€™m keeping this one saved for later!