Healing via energy

Hi guys,
I am just curious has anyone here ever been able to heal using energy through your hands kind of like reiki?
I am very empathic and have been for as long as I can remember. I often give my energy to heal others pain usually by instinctively placing my hand where they are hurting or by hugging the person (if they allow me to obviously although it is family or friends )but end up feeling tired myself. Today I healed a little child that I look after who was in so much pain from a definite ear infection. I unfortunately had lots of them when I was little so I recognised his reactions instantly and my heart ached for him wanting to take that pain away. As he cuddled up to me he put my hands over his ear. ( I used to do this too because sounds literally vibrate painfully through you with ear infections :cry:poor little man) I visualised healing energy coming from my hand to his ear with the intention of the pain being lessened until he goes to the drs tomorrow​:crossed_fingers: And any energy passed through me into the earth, and I placed my other hand on top of it. My hand heated up to the point it was burning me and causing me a little pain but I took it as that was how his pain felt to him so I accepted it and pictured it leaving him. He fell asleep on me and was so relaxed after that. I held my hand on his ear until he woke up. After that he was so settled. I felt a little drained and did an energy cleanse when I got home using incense which I felt needed to surround my entire aura when I got back although I still felt the need to do more. So I cooked with the intention of healing and grounding myself ( I have been unwell myself with a bad cold and was feeling better today and doing the healing brought my coughing back on) and also washed my hands under cold running water with the intention of the water grounding me and washing the stagnant energy away. I then ate the food. After eating the food I feel like the energy cleanse is completed.
Has anyone else got this ability or can offer advise to me as it is fairly new to me how to use it and this is the first time I have fully embraced it.
Blessed be


I have often practiced small feats of energy healing, especially on my daughter for minor cuts, scrapes, sprains, and other things. I like your little ritual that you’ve got going with the grounding and energy cleansing you do afterward!


That sounds like a very loving instinctive and motherly thing to do for your daughter I’m sure she feels your love heal her whilst you do it for her. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: To be honest the energy cleansing and grounding thing was something that I learned recently. I read a book on Reiki a while back which mentions about using the earths energies to heal others and it says to create a channel that ensures that the flow of energy is constant and to visualise the earths energy healing them rather than your own by remaining grounded. I am not sure how to do this but I feel the healing energy within me I just ask the stagnant energy to be sent into the earth and for me to remain grounded whilst I do the healing. The energy cleanses were a mixture of what I felt drawn to and what I already knew from here and reading books.


I’ve tried energy healing on some others, with consent, and it tends to work well. I find myself using my own energy, though, and then have to ground myself later :sweat_smile: my energy work is definitely out of practice, though.


It would seem, my girl that you have a gift. When my son was little, he had tubes in his ears and they really bothered him. I would hold him on my lap and after rubbing my hands together, I’d just cover his ears and hum to him. He went to sleep quickly and if his ears felt warm, I tried to absorb the heat away from him and threw it into the sunset.
Don’t ever demean this talent, you really are blessed.


Hi Garnet,
I hope your son’s ears and health in general are much better now. I can imagine it was very difficult for you seeing him in such discomfort but such a relief knowing that what you did helped take the discomfort away. It sounds like an amazing visualisation to throw it away into the sunset. Do you have any advise on how you controlled it? Or if you still practise it at all? It’s a part of me that I had wondered quite a while if I had an ability to do it and only really accepted it the last year and that was the first time I fully embraced it and went more with my instincts on what to do. But as you have said its something that I will never demean.
Blessed be


Actually, I was shown as a late teenager by an elder black lady. I was rubbing her legs, as I remember and she told me to hold my hands over her leg and feel for heat. I actually felt heat in one area and she told me that was where her pain was. She said to gather that heat into my fists and throw it into the sunset where it would be carried away. Charming woman, a wonderful lesson.


@Garnet that sounds amazing. How did you know the woman? It sounds like a good technique to use to help the energy to dissipate. Do you throw the energy away during the healing or when you feel you need to?
I’m just trying to work out if there is anything that I need to do to get rid of the stagnant energy other than what I am doing.
Thank you for this conversation its nice to see others are having this experience too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Blessed be


Hey Teri,
I was working as a Nurse’s aide in 1967 or 1968 and she was one of my patients. The idea of gathering the neg. energy, or inflammation into your hands is to remove it from the body, and as soon as you close your fist, flick it into the sunset or the west.

I’ve often wondered if it was her intent to give it to “Ra”, who would carry it away and destroy
it as he did battle with his arch-enemy Apep, also known as Apopis. The confrontation between Ra and Apopis, according to legend, will go on for eternity.

As far as control? It’s different for each encounter. I would suggest focus. The lady I learned it from said I had to close my eyes and see through my hands and fingers.

Power can be an odd thing, can’t it? Use it with care and complete love. I’ve never done harm, which is both part of my Karma and my nursing oath.

It’s an interesting theory, or maybe it’s just me being fanciful.

Stay well,
Blessed be


Garnet that sounds like an amazing memory and very useful it’s amazing how we often cross paths with those who are like us in some way and recognise what you do because they have been there before. You often see yourselves in others and find that you are meant to teach them at a point where you didn’t have that tutor if that makes sense. I can understand what the lady meant by seeing it through your hands. I feel that she meant it is similar to how I would visualise it with it being a white light or ball of energy coming from my hand with the intention of taking the pain away. I think it’s possible that when it burns my hand I may need to throw the energy or inflammation away but again its something I need to practise.
Thank you for sharing that with me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Sending love and light
Blessed be


@terri6 you do have a special talent and I am happy you are able to provide relief and healing for others. @marsha has many hands off and probably hands on healing practices as well and she may if she is willing, provide information to you or insight.

In my younger years, I volunteered at a hospital, then a battered woman’s shelter, and then in a hospice setting accumulating over 20 years of time with those in need of healing and I willingly gave healing via my practice in many forms, including laying on of hands… I do not do this anymore, even though I would toss the pain/energy away and try not to absorb it, or use alternate methods that were not hands on, and possibly because I am an empath (even though I shielded myself), I took on many health issues that I cannot trace to anything other than these 2+ decades of dedicated healing efforts. I just want you to be careful, purposeful and not overdo your body in case this could happen to you. With light and love, Jan :purple_heart:


Hello @terri6

What a wonderful gift you have been blessed with. I was in my thirties when I had an OBE and discovered my healing abilities. I could see this beautiful light flowing from my hands, I also knew why I had been given the gift of healing. But I was not told how to use it.

So I began my search! First I took Healing Touch classes, then I learned more healing methods: Reiki, crystals, essential oils, Angels, and more. Now my path has taken me into the world of Fairy healing. I am so grateful.

Here are the most important steps you must follow:

  1. Set the intention for healing
  2. Cleanse your mind, body, and space around you
  3. Protect yourself by always working in a sacred space
  4. Call in helpers (directions, guides, gods, goddesses, source, divine, etc.)
  5. Allow the Light to flow through you and into the person being healed
  6. See the negativity (pain, sickness, illness, etc.) flow out to the Sun (or Earth’s molten core) to be burned up or as our amazing @Garnet said, “throw it into the sunset!”
  7. When you feel healing is complete, reverse the energy, and allow the Light (energy - gods, goddesses, moon, sun, etc.) to flow into you and through your hands into the person to be healed.
  8. When this is complete, disconnect from the person being healed.
  9. Allow the Light to fill you up, it’s important to replenish your energy.
  10. Thank your helpers

I tried to make it simple, and I know it’s not. Don’t worry about that too much! Always follow your heart!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always,
The Other Marsha


In case I haven’t told you Marshe, You’re my hero!


Thank you @Garnet

I am so grateful for you!
With love :heart: always

P.S. Your my hero too :wink:


@marsha thank you so much this was exactly the information I was looking for. :pray: and thank you for sharing your experience with me. It’s all the steps that I was unsure of but I will practise more and hopefully be able to develop it. Funnily enough I am 32 but started to be around people with various complaints knowing that I could help them but unsure of how to do it properly or who to talk to about it for quite a while. So my previous comment about seeing yourself in someone else kind of applies with me or meeting someone going through a similar thing and being able to offer advice to them.
thank you @jan_TheGreenWitch for contacting Marsha to offer her advice.

Love and hugs
Blessed be


If you have any questions, just ask @Terri6, and I will help if I can.

And yes, thank you for tagging me @jan_TheGreenWitch