Hearing voices while falling asleep - Hypnagogic clairaudience


I found this very interesting. There appears to be both a spiritual component and/or a mental health component to hearing voices right before falling asleep. I was wondering what you guys thought?


While I’ve never heard voices while I’m falling asleep, I do always advocate for protection of the home or your room, etc. I don’t think it’s common for it to be spirits or traveling entities that a person hears. Usually they have more important things to worry about. In this case, I’m more apt to think that it’s just our brain doing what it does :woman_shrugging:t3: the only thing that would make me think it was anything more than that would be if these voices coincided with any other phenomena, i.e. things moving, intuition spikes, things going missing, etc.


Hello @corey1,

As in the video, as you are falling asleep, your brain waves and vibration are lowering.

In psychonautics, achieving Theta level brain waves whilst awake is used to achieve altered-states of consciousness to communicate, or, explore the sub-conscious or the “ether”.

If you are achieving this naturally and without much self effort into it, perhaps you are naturally able to achieve it and use it to your advantage.

However, if you are open to these energies and it’s not something that you desire, it could become problematic for you - such as lack of sleep.



That explains alot. Thank you so much!