Hecate Candle Colors

I have a question regarding Hecate.

Most of what I have read says that the candle colors for her are silver and black. But Spells8 page says orange and black. I haven’t found a reference to orange for Hecate elsewhere.

Can anyone clear this up for me?


I always thought Her colors were red, black, and white.


In my opinion I always see her as purple or dark blue, but that could also just be because that seems to be what colors I’ve seen her wear or even black. I don’t work with her but the art work of her is always pretty.


I just found a vid by Scarlet Ravenswood about Hecate. Maybe she’ll have something in that.


Red, black and white are often associated with the triplicity of Hekate. But considering how she has many different epithets, you might decide to go with a color relating to what aspect of her you are addressing. For instance as Hekate Cthonia, of the underworld, maybe black, as Hekate Phosphoros, luminous light you might choose white or perhaps you are looking for guidance so Hekate Dadophoros the torchbearer perhaps orange as the flames of her torches. Or something totally different as she has so many names, hundreds. Personally over the past several months I have done a daily meditation with Hekate and tried black, red, orange as well as black red and white simultaneously and found that red candles resonate most strongly for me when working with her. There’s also references to her being “saffron cloaked/veiled” which could mean something in the red/orange/golden range. I would experiment and see what gets the best results.


Wow, that makes sense! Thanks!


Hope this can help.

Direction: All (Goddess of the Cross Roads)
Planet: Saturn/Mercury/Moon
Metal: Mercury and Silver
Element: Earth/Ether
Color: Black, Purple, Violet, Green, Red
Incense and Scents: Amber, Oak Moss, Vetiver, Cypress, Copal, Patchouli
Rank: Queen of the Witches, Goddess of the Crossroads
Species: Titan
Realm: Natural Realms


Hekate Demonolatry Enn – “Anana Hecate Ayer”

For those interested to connect with her using her ENN.


I haven’t seen orange in other articles but I have seen golden yellow. One of her epithets is saffron-cloaked or saffron-robed. Saffron was a dye that was associated with royalty, I believe. In my experience, saffron threads are reddish but when applied to a liquid, saffron threads do take on an orangey-yellow color, at least, as I see them.

Black and silver make sense to me because she is a night Goddess and is also associated with the moon, so white would also work.

I like the idea of purple, too, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just the aesthetic. I think because on my Saturday night altar, I typically place a black candle for Saturn so I like the idea of doing something different for her, since Saturday is her night, as well. But so far, for Hecate, I have used black candles and sometimes red ones. And garlic, always. I use dark red roses for her or the deepest red flowers I can find.