Hekate Fest Online Nov 11-12

Anyone interested in an online series of talks relating to Hekate might want to head over to Hekate Fest and check out the schedule of speakers and events. Registration closes tomorrow though (Nov 4th). Looks like a lot of interesting presentations over two days (Nov 11-12). Sorita D’Este, Jack Grayle, Christopher Penczak and many others are scheduled.


Oh wow, thank you for sharing, Peter! It’s a bit out of my price range, but I hope that anyone who attends has a wonderful time!


thanks for sharing!


Oh very exciting! It’s a bit out of my reach financially this year sadly but it looks amazing, thank you for sharing!


Just a quick followup on the event. It was a long weekend of Hekate talks and was time well spent. I wasn’t sure if I could hang in there for two days of zoom meetings but there was plenty of break times and I managed to watch almost all of it and the rest I’ll watch when the videos are provided. Price wise, they asked for 50 to 150 depending on what you could afford, so I went with 100 in the middle range and I think that was fair for all the time and effort put into it. A few talks had a bit of redundant overlap, but that’s probably hard to avoid. It was also the first time they did this and a few glitches popped up here and there but again, that’s going to happen and it didn’t really cause much disruption. There was time for q&a after each presenter but really there was not a lot of audience interaction. The chat feature for zoom wasn’t on for the group (most of the times) and I feel like this would have helped involve the audience a bit more if it were available. My favorite parts were hearing from presenters that were new to me like Sara Mastros and Jade Sol Luna but I learned something from each presenter. The personal highlight for me though was the guided meditation lead by Christopher Penczak. I’m not familiar with his work but this was the most effective online journeying I’ve experienced with someone, as he lead us to the witches sabbat and did so with the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. So all in all a fine way to spend the weekend, looking forward to next years meetup.


Thank you for sharing your feedback on this event, @peter3 :blush: It sounds like it was definitely time well spent!


It sounds like a wonderful event! I’m glad you enjoyed it, Peter- thank you for sharing about the experience! :blush: