Hekate Ritual with a Hint of Justice: November 16

When I first heard of Hecate, the warning that came with the instructions was to make sure I was not guilty of any breach of justice, for she is so powerful that she’d attack all injustice, no matter where it came from. I’m still trying to get over that, to learn to trust her.

No retribution requested. If Hecate feels she can set me free, she is welcome to come to me. At the moment, that is the only way I can work with her.

All respect an honor.


Thank you! :heart: :blush:

It took me forever to find a true pair and not just two duplicates- these ones found me! I like to think they help guard and watch over the space where I do spellwork :blush: :lion: :sparkles:


Eek! I hadn’t thought about that. That some places might just sell duplicates but with one flipped. :grimacing:

When I have money, I’m hoping to get a pair of qilin. Either,



But I can’t decide. :thinking:

I like the first ones more, but I think the latter are more cat-safe. :sweat_smile:

And the other thing is, this is what my desk looks like right now. :joy:

I need to move some of these things elsewhere when we move. Maybe a nice shelf. :thinking:


It is difficult to tell the size of the qilin in the pics. Do you prefer a specific size or brass material? I recognize that cats make minis difficult, but I have been collecting different unicorns and kirin on

Most of the ones I find are a great size for decorating my mini tree. I’m expected to set it up for pics at a friend’s house, this week, but I hope to share decorating pics soon.


Good point! Let’s see… :thinking:

Brass Style A - 11cm x 10cm x 4cm, 660g
Brass Style B - 10.5cm x 6cm x 11.5cm, 940g

This is in a woman’s hands, possibly the shop owner:

Even if she’s short, we can also use the shelves and items there for guidance, accounting for the change distance makes.

Not really. Maybe just big and solid enough so that I don’t want to have to worry about a cat eating it? I prefer silver colours to golden ones, but I think there’s something about the brass element in feng shui. I will have to do more research when I’m not going through crises. :joy:

Oh gosh, I just searched “qilin” (the Chinese spelling) on Temu and there are too many beautiful bracelets and stuff. My wallet would be done for if my freakin’ card wasn’t cancelled! :laughing: Funnily enough, the Japanese spelling of “kirin” actually gets more statues. I will have to use both to get a full picture of things. :thinking:

I might just get these small ones to start with.

Thank you for encouraging me to have a look. I’d heard of Temu before, but hadn’t found a product to give it a try with yet. :black_heart:


I get a lot of my craft supplies there, now that Dollar Tree and Walmart moved out of my neighborhood. Their products run on the small size, but that’s perfect for me in my apartment. I have a collection of “men’s” unicorn tee shirts, which fit me perfectly, and I’m huge. Just be careful with anything with words on it: often unreadable or nonsensical. Brand named items like Harry Potter are popular, without the name being used, but some are factory rejects for minor errors or are sold without the box.


Ohhhhh!!! :heart_eyes:

Well I certainly don’t see any “wrong” choices here- these are all beautiful options!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And not to be an enabler or anything (I am :joy:) but I think they would look right at home in your beautiful desk space. They would match the aesthetic beautifully~ :yellow_heart: :black_heart: :sparkles: :wink:


Ah, the joy of buying directly from China. Endless laughs from bad English. :joy:

Don’t worry, I am set on getting a pair of qilin in some form!

I just have to put a pause on all spending until I can actually access my own money. :joy:


I hope your new card arrives asap and you can get back into your account easy-peasy! :pray: :heart:

Your beautiful future qilin will wait patiently for you :blush: :two_hearts:


My new card arrived just after the Cyber week sales ended. :laughing: Perhaps that was a sign to not buy things.

Anyway, I keep forgetting, but I will get my justice ritual typed up at some point! :black_heart:


Or perhaps it was a sign to wait until Christmas sales begin? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m glad the new card arrived safe and sound! :blush:

Yay! I’ll look forward to reading it when it’s ready :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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