Hekate Ritual with a Hint of Justice: November 16

The purpose of this endeavour is to offer support and solace to those who feel weighed down by misfortune or unfair treatment:

If you’re experiencing a difficult time and believe you could benefit from this ritual, you are encouraged to join us. You can either post a message in this thread or send a direct message to me if you prefer to keep your concerns private. Your privacy and comfort are of utmost importance, and this option ensures your anonymity while still allowing you to be part of this effort.

Additionally, this invitation extends to anyone in our community who would like to participate in conducting their own ritual to Hekate. Whether it’s to seek justice for yourself or to stand in solidarity with others, you’re welcome to join in this collective act of hope and healing. This is an opportunity for us to come together, share our burdens, and seek the guidance and protection of Hekate in navigating through life’s challenges.

Time of Hekate

Nighttime is Hekate’s domain – a sacred time for interaction and worship. During these quiet, dark hours Hekate is believed to be most receptive, only accepting offerings and petitions when the sun has set.

All festivities, rituals, and ceremonies honouring Hekate are held exclusively after dark. The ambience of these gatherings is carefully maintained to align with her preferences; the only acceptable sources of light are candles or torches. This creates an atmosphere that is intimate. The flickering flames of candles and torches symbolise the illumination of wisdom and the shadows of the unknown, resonating with Hekate’s dual nature as a goddess of magic and the unseen.

The last day of each month is set aside as a time to honour her. Also, in Italy, Hekate once shared a festival with Diana on the 13th of August. Friday the 13th in August holds an even more special sacredness, likely due to the convergence of the date with her associated attributes of magic and mystery. For modern practitioners of Wicca and Neo-Pagan traditions, November 16th is recognised as the Night of Hekate.

Justice, Life & Death

Hekate is an ancient spirit, known as a Goddess to some, a Titaness to others.She embodies the convergence of life, death, regeneration, and the mystical realms of magic. Her dominion extends over wisdom, choices, expiation, victory, vengeance, and travel, painting her as a figure of immense power and influence. Significantly, she stands as an omnipresent witness to every crime, symbolising an unyielding force of justice and moral balance.

She gets involved with seeking justice, particularly in cases of sexual crimes against women and girls. In situations where conventional channels of justice fall short, Hekate’s intervention is often invoked as a last resort for retribution and fairness. This reflects not only her role as a protector but also as a dispenser of justice beyond the reach of mortal systems.

Hekate’s power to grant or deny wishes places her in a unique position of authority. This attribute allows her worshippers to seek her favour in various aspects of their lives, be it for protection, fertility, or victory. Her protection is sought not only for humans but also for animals, particularly dogs, highlighting her influence over both the natural and supernatural realms.

In matters of fertility, Hekate is specifically petitioned to bless with female offspring, underscoring her connection to womanhood and the cyclical nature of life. Her prowess also extends to the battlefield, where she is believed to bring victory, showcasing her as a deity who can sway the tides of war.

Hekate’s healing powers are particularly revered, especially in scenarios where medical interventions have failed, positioning her as a beacon of hope for those suffering from ailments. She is also a deity who can be petitioned for a swift, painless transition from life, reflecting her dominion over life and death.

When it comes to the sources of my research on Hekate, I must admit that I did not document them during my studies months ago. However, I have access to most of the books listed in this recommendation thread:

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you are a very great person! A Witch full of love and wisdom!


Please link this to The Demonolatry Post too, poor post is being swamped by the fellas, we needs the girls :flushed::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Love you and thankyou :heartpulse:


Hekate, revered as a deity of crossroads, holds a connection to liminal spaces — those thresholds between the known and the unknown. Embracing this aspect of her divine nature, I have planned to commence the ritual dedicated to her at sunset. This time, a symbolic moment of transition from day to night, resonates deeply with Hekate.

This timing is chosen to align with the natural shift of light to darkness, reflecting the liminal space that Hekate embodies, and creating a fitting atmosphere for invoking her presence and blessings.

For me, that time will be 19:37, which will be the following for you:


Regardless, if you’re joining in, you’re encouraged to do it at a time suitable for you. :smile: :black_heart:


Beautiful, and right now- needed! :pray:

Thank you so much for opening a space for this ritual, Katerina :heart: The timer is showing 3:37am for me, so to avoid being an actual hibernating bear the next day (lol), I will partake at sunset. I just made some homemade candles, so I will light one up in the name of justice! Specifically both protection against and justice to be served to those seasonal scammers who are giving quite a few us a difficult time.

May our prayers reach the divine and may justice be served :candle: :sparkles:


Yep! Sorry, I should have clarified that will be when sunset is for me, so that’s when I’ll start. But you’re all encouraged to use better times for yourselves. :smile:

Thanks for pointing that out! :black_heart:


I really want to do this but I don’t know if I have the energy. Had to have ambulance take my husband to the emergency room. Just sitting here waiting. Nothing too serious. He is having one of his "episodes " but linger and worse than usual.


Not gonna lie, the timing doesn’t feel great for me, either. :sweat_smile:

I’m sorry to hear about what you and your family are going through. :people_hugging: I hope things resolve as quickly and smoothly as possible, and you can both go home and rest. :black_heart:


I just hope they figure something out. He can’t go home like this. In the US all they do in the emergency room is make sure you’re not dying before they send you home…ugh


I hope, my love, that it will be a passing thing!
and here in Greece the hospitals are the same…


Same here, I mean there’s a CHANCE I’ll be up at that time but I hope not! Sunset East Coast time for me!


Yes I am still sitting at my computer @starborn :stuck_out_tongue: Really going now!


I was just about to say the same to you… :joy: I’m really going now!


It’s sunrise on the 16th!


With everything packed for moving, I’m keeping it simple.

Plus black candles. :candle:


@Sivonnah Sending love and light your way- I hope he is doing better now! :pray:

@starborn Gorgeous pictures! The sunlight peeking through the clouds is really pretty. And I’m glad you still have some of your magickal treasures out to enjoy despite the hecticness of the big move! Hope it’s all going well. Wishing you a blessed Night (Day right now- although actually just kidding because it’s night again in Australia :laughing:) Night of Hekate! :sparkles: :old_key:

I was digging around for some key or dog figure I could bring out and couldn’t find anything :upside_down_face: If they exist they are eluding me lol. I have a nice candle picked out though- I’ll light it when I get home tonight, hopefully close to sunset! :city_sunset: :sparkles: :blush:

Wishing peaceful and righteous justice for all those in need- so mote it be :pray: :heart:


:joy: Blessed Night Night of Hekate to you too, when it arrives. :hekate_wheel: :black_heart:


We are almost at the crossroads in Sydney. Once again, the night draws to a close – in an hour, the sun will rise, and I will mourn its passing until the next night.



Thank you! :heart: :pray:

I set up a space for a justice spell and meditation last night. I lit the candle a bit early (probably about 30 minutes before the sun went down) and let it burn until the world was resting in darkness.

(I personally don’t work with any deities by name right now, rather the Universe/the divine as one whole- but it felt right to include the keys for Hekate on Her night :old_key: )

For all those who are suffering from wrongdoings, I hope that righteous and fair justice finds her way to you :candle: :pray:


That’s such a beautiful setup! :black_heart:

I love the mushrooms. And you have a pair of guardian lions! :heart_eyes: