Hekate´s Prayer

Hekate of love
Hekate of light
Hekate of torch fire burning bright
Hekate of wisdom Hekate of peace
Hekate of mending hand who grants our pains release.
Reconcile Conciliate Harmonize make pure
Hekate Soteira who makes all healing sure
Come now to our chanting charm come to make us whole
Come now to restore the might to every broken soul

Hekate of earth-fire
Hekate of life
Hekate of motherhood and cheriourgia knife
Hekate way showing
Hekate Ascend
Hekate of temple song who makes our heart content
Flow in magick through our space
Bless us with thy touch of grace
Hear our petitions hear our prayer.
Queen of spells, gentle soothe-sayer
Hekate adorned in saffron colored robe
Of midnight hair and golden sapphire globe
Hekate shining starlight daughter.
Atendant to witches Magna Mater.

Hekate come on wings of flame
Hekate of lightning and untold name
Hekate redeemer and teacher fair
Hekate of solace beauty rare
Magnificent unconquerable and just
Of blazing aura with golden shining dust
Expand the mind to see as thee
Enfold us in thy mistery
Unloose the bolts clear every path
save us from our enemies wrath
Change our hearts to hold thy fire
Raise us out of mirk and mire


Beautiful @AIRAM! Well done!


Another great one @AIRAM Thank you


Glad you like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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