Hekate - The Queen of Witches

I started reading about Hekate and found I was really drawn to her. So I started to dig deeper…boy you can really get lost in the vast of information that is literally at our fingertips!

Making this video was fun and I learned a lot about Hecate/Hekate. There were some conflicting findings, so I deciphered and sifted through the best I could to find the most accurate info. I took most of my information from sources such as: Britannica, Ancient Origins, and Learn Religions.

(I find that these sites have been pretty great and packed with information)

There is a TON of information on her…this video is just a small piece of her and a small invocation spell if you wish to have this Goddess in your life.

Hecate or Hekate (/ˈhɛk. ə. ti/; Ancient Greek: Ἑκάτη, Hekátē is a goddess in ancient Greek religion and mythology, most often shown holding a pair of torches or a key and in later periods depicted in triple form.

Symbol: Paired torches, dogs, red mullet, serpents, keys, polecats, daggers, and Hecate’s wheel

Parents: Perses and Asteria

Offspring: Scylla, Aeëtes, Circe, Pasiphaë, Empusa

The spelling of HEKATE (with a K) is closer to the transliteration of the name of this goddess directly from Greek into the English language.

The spelling of HECATE (with a C) is the Latin transliteration of the name of this goddess, as it was used by the Romans.

Image Credit -The Ghoulish Garb

Image - sold as a statue

Image by Rossana Casterllino


This is all wonderful information! Thank you for sharing @SilverBear!

I’d also like to point out another fabulous resource - Theoi.com - they have AMAZING resources and information for the deities, titans, and other figures in Greek mythology.


Excellent! Never heard of that I don’t think!! Thank you for this.

Edit to add: I just checked - I did come across this but was not sure if they were legit lol.

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You’re very welcome! I used to get a lot of my information on the Greek pantheon from Theoi back when I thought I was a Hellenic pagan lol

Yes, they’re very legit :heartpulse: Many Hellenic polytheists I know use that site for information.


Thanks @SilverBear for sharing all this information!!

I just posted a bath recipe for the New Moon and included a prayer to Hecate! We are in tune once again!! :fist_right: :fist_left:

I agree that Theoi.com is a great source for everything related Greek mythology, including hymns and chants!


SO, my husband watched me make the Hekate video and saw me writing about her in my BoS - he asked me about her and I happily told him. I then proceeded to tell him how I was feeling really drawn to her…he came home with this surprise for me tonight. Needless to say, I screamed. LOL


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: No waaaayy!!! That’s so perfect!! :grin:

Where did he find it??

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He said on Etsy. I am thrilled!!!


Oooh, so beautiful :heart_eyes: all the details are amazing.
I have been eyeing this Hekate wooden statue for a while.


I bought an Odin statue for my husband from that Etsy seller. They are beautiful pieces. However, the backs are FLAT. Not carved in case you didn’t realize.


That’s beautiful @SilverBear! Your hubby is a great guy!


@SilverBear I was just admiring something on etsy. I threw the shop recommendation under #recommendations but I’ll share the link for the item here. I think you’ll like it.


OH MY…Oh no…why you show me this?! LOL!!! I LOVE THIS. Thank you so much!


Ohhhhhh she is BEAUTIFUL! :star_struck: You husband is so good to you, @SilverBear! :two_hearts: I think it’s wonderful that he is so supportive and involved in all that you do :blush:

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I am a lucky gal. We’ve been together 21 years!

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