Hello Death, my old friend

This is the dark season, here in the northern hemisphere. A time when the earth goes dormant, and the veil is thin. I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the darker times in my life, times that irrevocably changed me. Times when Death has come and visited.
I’m sure many of you may be thinking these are times when I’ve lost someone, but that’s not the case. These are time when, in fact, Death should have been coming for me. And in a way he was. These were moments that I shouldn’t have survived. The Lord of Shadows came, asked me to walk with him for a while, then told me it wasn’t my time to cross the veil, but gave me the choice anyways. Three different times in my adult life we’ve had these walks, and I’ve been given the same choice. I’ve seen the veil, stood in front of it, and glimpsed my loved ones through it.
The Lord of Shadows, Death, has stood beside me and we’ve talked. Talked about the past and the future. Talked about all the possibilities that exist. Each of these moments, these glimpses of beyond have changed me, shaped the path I walk. Death is a part of life and not something to be feared.
Each winter, since I’ve embraced my spiritual path, Death comes for a visit. He takes the spirits of the annuals and the seasonal creatures, so they can be reborn in the spring. He guides the earth to her dormancy and rest.
And he passes on messages from those beyond and guides them close.


I used to be terrified of death. The knowledge that we all, eventually, have to go felt like a punishment- that we were being forcibly taken from everything here. It was a pressure to have to do everything, but also the pressure that it would all eventually be taken away. My spiritual path has reassured me otherwise and lessened this pressure and fear.

I really enjoyed your beautiful tale of Death- you show Him not as a punisher, but as a friendly face one meets along the path of life and death. Because it is the path (cycle) of life and death- there is more beyond, and the beyond has just as much meaning and value as life. They are equal, balanced parts of the cycle.

This was a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing it, @Tempest! Blessed be :pray: :black_heart:


A very profound read. I like how you’ve dignified death. It kind of reminded me of death in the TV series Supernatural. I liked him, he was very balanced, calm and wise. :sparkling_heart:


I’ve come to talk with you again.

I am not afraid of death, either. There are much worse things.

I’ve had similar experiences- not on a regular basis, but several. I’ve seen Death as the sythe carrying skeleton and as a normal person. Most recently, we danced while I dreamed of people dying around me. I have never been given the choice- probably because I would choose to go, even before my time was naturally up.

Once, I was sick with my yearly pneumonia. I saw Death peeking in my second story window. It was a difficult time for me, so I relaxed into the idea of “going home.” When I awoke, one of my birds had died- He had taken a bird instead of me, possibly because I relaxed.

Yet I can’t say I have any control of it. Relaxing into it isn’t always the cure. Once, I was in such a bad mood from having my boundaries crossed and all the exhaustion that I was ready to fight anyone and everyone for any or no good reason- including fighting HIM! He just smiled at me and faded away. A quiet laugh echoed “It’s about time.”

I’ve asked Death for help breaking ties I just couldn’t manage on my own. He was willing to help, but only because I’d tried everything else in my power, and because I was Casting on myself, not on another.

Since my biological father died when I was so young, I adopted Death as a father figure. I’ve spent my life studying the end and how to prepare for it. It always seems like I have too many responsibilities to go.

I have expressed fear of being alone when it would happen, and was reassured that I am never alone. Fear of pain at the last moments were eased by scientific studies of shock numbing the brain. I’ve felt lost and abandoned to the point that I insisted to myself that if there were any deities out there who wanted me, they’d have to come find me, and the forest I was imagining was flattened around me in what seemed like a joke at the time.

All honor is due, and I am grateful.


I actually did die. While I was out all I remember is darkness. Like. Complete darkness. I wasn’t scared. I felt at peace in the nothingness.


@georgia How do you work with death? Is he like a deity? :sparkling_heart:


@tracyS I’ve heard of some people having more interactions with death than the typical person. People that have had death around them their whole. life. Not sure where. But I’ve heard of it.


How many demons of death have you been studying? I’m not sure if he’s one of them or all of them. Could be a female or a shapeshifter, I don’t know. I’m still on the learning end myself.

What did I do? I simply imagined the sythe carrying cloak and whoever’s inside and called Him my adopted father because that’s whom I’d lost. It’s like He’s always listening. I told Him what I was feeling and asked if He’d be willing to help. He was the one with the ideas. I followed along because I didn’t know what else to do. I was asked not to say any details.

When I danced with Death, it began as a dream. I had three brothers, and the four of us were moving into a house by the sea for safety. He was one of my brothers. I could see that the others were not in pain in their passing, that they were eager to start another phase, like moving to another country for a wonderful career. The longer we danced, the more lucid I became. I was awaiting my turn, but we just danced on. Found myself in the bathroom before dawn and heard the whisper “Not Yet.”


I never saw the connection :person_facepalming:. Well if he’s one or all, he has a beautiful energy to be around. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you, dear! I really needed that, this morning. Have a wonderful day!