Hello from the PNW

I’m Korvo and I’m happy to be here as I am looking for a sense of community. From what I’ve seen it seems there is this here. I’ve come to learn and share. My path is somewhat eclectic: I began exploring Wicca years ago. I moved to the East for over a decade and have practiced Buddhism (meditation), studied Daoism, Qigong, philosophy, Neidan all forms to focus and move energy and some folk magic. I find a lot of parallel as I blend this into my rekindled interest in Wicca. My primary goddess and god are Guanyin and Guangong; but as I’ve visited many daoist temples I have affinity for Mazu and truth be told, all other deities. I also love the traditional Wicca traditions I’ve studied and hope to put into practice. Hoping to live and learn here with you all, I remain eternally a student. Blessed be.


Welcome, @korvo. It’s lovely to meet you. :smile:

I’m Katerina, a baby witch based in Australia. I’m looking forward to being an eternal student beside you. :pray:


Welcome! I am new here too! I just joined this week. Ive found so much explore via the app and forum. There are some wonderful courses which i am in the process of completing! Good luck and welcome! :heart: :people_hugging:


@korvo Welcome. I’m Tracy from England. Nice to meet you :sparkling_heart:


Korvo, :nazar_amulet:
I am so happy to meet you! Merry Meet! I am so excited to see you around! I hope to hear more! I know there’s something to see or maybe I can learn from you or vice verca!
I have been working with folk lore and interested in meditation!
I can’t wait to hear more about you and your journey! I just started meditating and feel I finally tapped into something that can help! I lived through life and my parents were from Mexico. They practiced Catholic religion and raised that faith! Anyway I am a Wiccan now! So excited your here! So good to meet you my dear friend!
:hugs: :candle: :witch_hat:
I can’t wait to astral travel :luggage:
And be my best possible self :infinity:


Welcome dear.
This community is a great place for you, you’ll fit right in. :sparkles::crescent_moon:

I’M EVA , really nice to meet you. I am a new witch, with little experience, but big desire to learn.


Hello @korvo,

Welcome! I’m Bry, one of the moderators here and a fellow eternal student- it’s a pleasure to meet you :blush:

That’s amazing! May I ask where your travels in the East led you? I also spent some time around Asia and was constantly inspired by the hospitality of the people, temples, and traditions. So much so that when I came back to the States I ended up living for a bit at a Zen Buddhist temple.

Like you, I found that there are many parallels- some of the systems of belief and ideas of practice from the temple blend beautifully with magick :blush:

Please make yourself at home here and know that you are very welcome! Hope to chat with you more soon- blessed be! :sparkles:



Thanks for the warm welcome. What types of folklore are you working with? Are your interests influenced from Mexico and its rich history? I’d be happy to compare ideas and experiences about meditation with you.


Hi @korvo!. I’m Amethyst from Southern Weat Virginia. Welcome to the forum. :infinite_roots:

It is great to have you here!. I am sure your travels will provide a unique veiwpoint that we’ll love to learn from. I look forward to getting to know you.


Hi @TheTravelWitch_Bry,
I lived in Taiwan, which is rich with traditions that combine folk beliefs with many of the eastern philosophies. Your experience in a Zen Buddhist temple must have been great; I lived in a Buddhist temple as well, even taking short term vows as a monk, and over that lunar new year, serving food to the many people that came to pay their respects. As a central base, Taiwan allowed me to travel all over Asia, and I agree with you wholeheartedly about the hospitality and traditions (and I’ll add, tolerance. There is a ‘live and let’ live attitude that is very refreshing to be a part of). Thanks for the welcome! -blessed be.


Hello @korvo and welcome to the forum! :wave:

My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here at Spells8 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s nice to meet you!

It sounds like you’ve had quite the adventure with all of your explorations in different practices! That’s really awesome - please, feel free to share anything about them with everyone here (no pressure though, of course!). I’m sure you’re going to find your time here very enjoyable. Please feel free to make yourself at home! :house:


Oh, wow. I lived In Taipei for a year, as part of my studies. I dream about returning every so often – I do miss Taiwan. :black_heart:


Yeah it’s a great place. I miss living there too.


Welcome!! So glad to have you here!


I am working with Hecate, Persephone, Demeter!
I think of Persephone and how she ate the poison :skull_and_crossbones: the pomegranate seed from hades the underworld God! I can agree to eating the poison :skull_and_crossbones: myself !
I betrayed myself I ate the pomegranate seeds and I felt the pain and regret!
Also Demeter was Persephones mom! I am a mom and deal with many aspects of being a mother!
Hecate helps Persephone out of hell and she is the guide, gatekeeper and guardian! She is a mentor and helps others cross over and helps others while they feel dead or defeated! She is Lampadious the light bringer! She is Mighty Hecate!
Hail Hecate!
She helped Persephone to do the inner work with being the Circe Madea daughter and Hecate “Wise Mother” Artimis the warrior! The Queen :princess: the Triple Goddess!


That’s awesome! :grinning:

It was just a short trip, but I also spent some time in Taipei for a summer course at NCCU- I remember being amazed at just how unique it was over there. And the night markets! The mango and bubble tea! :mango: :bubble_tea: :drooling_face:

That sounds like a truly humbling and powerful experience to have been a part of :pray: :heart:

It’s my pleasure, Korvo- please make yourself at home! Blessings to you too :hugs:


Oh, those were great. We have small ones here in the Chinese suburbs, but nothing quite as grand as the Shilin night market. :black_heart:

I’m very fortunate to have a lot of quality Chinese food and Taiwanese bubble tea places nearby. They’re actually comparable in quality, which wasn’t so common over 10 years ago. :bubble_tea:

And because the suburb is so Asian, there’s often the lovely smell of incense. I mean, besides my own. :joy:

I’ve been trying to incorporate more from the Chinese part of the family into my home as of this year. There’s a lot of paying respects to ancestors that I never used to pay attention to. But with my maternal grandmother’s failing health, I don’t know… I feel like I can’t let the traditions before me die with her. :woman_shrugging:


Can you feel my bubble tea envy from here? :laughing: We have nothing nearby- so much so that I bought a bag of tapioca flour and tried to make my own tapioca pearls at home! The results were… well, it was edible. But I couldn’t compare it to the real deal :joy: :bubble_tea:

I think that’s really sweet of you to consider carrying on the family traditions :pray: :candle:

Speaking honestly, ancestor work can be difficult for some- it’s not currently a big part of my practice for a mix of reasons. But for others, ancestor work can be very valuable and meaningful. I think in time you’ll come to know whether or not it’s meant to be a part of your practice :handshake: :heart:

Wishing you all the best! :two_hearts:


I’ve been fortunate to participate in a lot of the ancestral ceremonies; tomb-sweeping, food offerings at the ancestral altar at home (communication through ‘moon blocks’); funeral pyres/ceremonial possessions/wailers, etc. It is so culturally rich. @starborn your intent to keep the traditions that work for you alive is admirable.


Hello :hugs: and Welcome Home :infinite_roots: @korvo

It’s so nice to meet you, I’m Marsha, an Eclectic Solitary Witch, from Colorado. You have lived a very interesting life. I’m looking forward to learning and growing along with you! Welcome to the family! :people_hugging:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always