Hello! Looking for Advice on How to Start

Hello everyone. I am new and really have so many questions but I am so excited to learn. I was raised in a Christian home so I was always told that Witches are bad. Any advice on how or where to start would be greatly appreciated. I am a nature women who loves animals people candles relaxing music and very nervous if I am doing things the right way


Merry meet @lindsey10,

Welcome to the forum- we’re blessed to have you here! :blush:

I hope you don’t mind that I upgraded your message to its own discussion- sometimes things can get buried in the comments, so hopefully this will help your request get the attention it deserves! :sparkles:

It sounds like you have already got off to a great start- enjoying nature, candles, and music are all wonderful ways to embrace your Craft :candle:

Have you found the Courses yet? They cover a wide range of areas of magick- from tarot to herbalism, meditations, runes, and much more. I would recommend taking a peek and seeing if there are any that call to you. Following along with the course will help you build a foundation of knowledge as well grow your confidence :seedling: :sparkles:

If you are doing things your way then you are doing things the right way :heart: Magick brings us all together, but it also a very personal and unique thing. As you learn, you will discover the things you like (and perhaps the things you don’t like too) and build a beautiful practice that is all your own :mage: :sparkles:

That doesn’t mean you have to be all alone though, your friendly coven is here and always happy to help! :infinite_roots: Feel free to post in Q&A whenever you have something on your mind :handshake:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed be :sparkles:


Merry meet and welcome home :infinite_roots: @lindsey10

I was also raised as a Christian, and I believe Jesus would not condemn witches, after all, he performed many miracles. And what are miracles… just another word for magick!

@BryWisteria has given you some great advice for getting started, which I second.

My advice is not to be nervous about doing things the right way. I recommend going slow and taking your time, I’m sure that as you learn more you will become more confident. I have faith in you.

I grew up in the Colorado mountains, and I love being in nature, it renews my soul. I love animals too, I have an empathic connection with them.

There are lots of friendly and helpful people here, Lindsey and you are very welcome, so just make yourself at home.

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always,
The Other Marsha


Welcome, @lindsey10! I was raised in a Christian household but had a twist - my mother converted to Wicca when I was a teenager. However, I did not start practicing until a couple of years ago. I was a rotten teenager/early adult and didn’t want to be like my mom, no matter how much paganism and the Craft pulled me.

I second what Bry said about the courses. I went through them when I first joined; it really boosted my confidence in what I was doing. I also second what Marsha says about taking your time. Don’t worry about doing things the wrong way. Hold your intention firmly in your mind when you work, and it can’t go wrong. It may not turn out as you thought, but that is magick. For example, you may ask for strength but don’t specify what kind or purpose, and your deity/the Universe will send you many tests/challenges to overcome, building your strength (ask me how I know this, lol).

There are people of all levels and paths here, so never hesitate to ask a question. When I taught in grad school, I told my students the only bad question is an unasked question. Generally speaking, if you have a question, someone else likely does too! Or had the same question at some point in their path and can help you with an answer.

Again, Welcome, and Merry Meet!!


Just like @Amaris_Bane @marsha and @BryWisteria said, (paraphrasing) YOUR way is the right way. @lindsey10, Just do what you are called to do and along the way you will figure out what your own path is and what you are called to do and how you are most comfortable and successful doing it. Each practitioner has their own path and is as different in the way they practice it as they are different from another person, so unless you adhere to a specific dogma, then you will just need to walk this path and figure out what is best for you and your life, which could even change over time in your own practice.

Also, don’t rush your self in to volumes of things, just focus on doing a few things over again until you are comfortable, then take another step. A great place to start is protection, cleansing, meditation and writing/learning (the courses) so that you figure out your own way in time.

Many of us are from Christian backgrounds, or other Abrahamic religious background that are very strict, and you have to decide if you will marry your practice with your religion, decide to be Wiccan, be a folk practitioner, or another form of witchcraft / pagan / or occultist. It’s fun to explore and don’t try to peg/lock yourself into anything until you are ready and are able to determine what you like for yourself! That’s my advice and I am excited to be along for yours and my journeys!!! Blessed be! :brown_heart:


Hi @lindsey10! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum!

I fifty-third going through the courses. LOL! They really do give you a great place to start. Take your time on buying anything before you know you actually need it, a lot of new practitioners buy all sorts of shiny things and find they never use them.

And the best thing I can advise is to read. Whatever you want. Pick a subject of the courses and read a book on them. And don’t worry so much about making mistakes. The worst that’ll happen is you’ll turn into a toad. LOL!

If you have any questions or anything, just ask and someone will pop up to help you out. I look forward to getting to know you!


Thank you everyone for the advice. I was not sure where to start on this journey. I didn’t know what I need to even get started… to be honest I have a few candles some cinnamon and a few incense so not sure if I can even do anything with this but gotta start somewhere right lol


You’re very welcome, @lindsey10! :blush:

That is plenty! :heart: You’ve already got some great materials with which you can begin. Here are two guides that have some helpful tips and ways that you can put both your candles and your cinnamon to work for you:

Cinnamon in Magick

Candle Magic 101 Guide

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


New here too and so far all have been wonderfully welcoming and encouraging.
many blessings


Welcome @lindsey10
I’m in a similar newbie situation, the courses have been great, I’m almost through the self initiation one now. But take your time, explore all the site has to offer.


Welcome, @lindsey10! In addition to taking the excellent courses here as well as read as others have sagely said, I would recommend paying attention to aspects of the craft that call louder to you as you study (candles, music, working with oils, or whatever) and let those things that call to you be a gateway into your practice. As others have also said there is no path, but you’re own. All blessings!


Merry meet


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