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I have 4 grandchildren that I love dearly and recently bought them some presents to send to them, Jaden who is 16 loves coins, so I got him a pound of coins from around the world, Riley has his ears pierced and loved my shampoo I got from and Etsy shop, so he got a bottle of shampoo and sterling silver studs with meterorites, in them, Kylie loves everything so I found her a beautiful carousel rocking horse that has a music box in it, Well Mason, who is 11, I cannot figure out for the life of me what he would like…any suggestions? I called his mom and she said oh my hes a hard one, we are both stumped which is crazy…any suggestions would be awesome!!


For an 11 year old, I guess it depends a lot on what he likes, but when I was that age I loved board games. And today there are so many fun board games to choose from!

I suggest you look around Amazon, there are strategy games like Axis and Allies which are historically accurate and fun to play. Or perhaps something more classic like Jenga, but they might already have it.

I also like the game Telestrations which is about drawing and perfect for groups. I played it with my wife’s cousins who are around that age (12), and they loved it.


You are very kind to your grandchildren, @roxanne! I am sure that they will appreciate your lovely gifts :sparkling_heart:

I think @Francisco has a great idea with the board games- that could be a fun way for him to play with his siblings/cousins/friends and enjoy together! :game_die:

During my time as a teacher, I found that some kids at this age like a bunch of things, and some have a fixation on one area of interest. If Mason doesn’t have anything in particular he likes, a more general gift might be more appropriate for him. Perhaps consider giving him an experience? A board game is great, or perhaps something like a ticket to a local museum, a cookbook, a craft guide, or maybe an interactive online game.

Whatever you decide to get for Mason, I wish you the best of luck finding something he’ll enjoy! :two_hearts:

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I am from the so call Gen Zs and what are generation likes is things like video games and things to online. He may not be that type and might enjoy something like a puzzle or a Rubixs cube or a novelty item from his favorite book/tv show. Or if he is the sporty type get him a ball or a jersey or apparel from a team he likes. Hope this helps and I’m glad to be back after this long break that I’ve took from this site.


I ended up buying him a drone w camera…problem solved!
Thank you all for your suggestions.

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Welcome back, @jayson! It’s very nice to meet you :blush:

Wow, @roxanne! I think a drone and camera is a very useful and creative gift. I hope your grandson has a lot of fun with it! :smile:

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