Help identifying a crystal

Merry morning lady Hope you are all well and living your highest version of yourself :crystal_ball::sparkles::broom: I need help identifying a crystal of mine I had it for a few years and just recently resurfaced I do have a few apps on identifying crystals etc but the results are all coming up so vague I keep getting different matches going to attach some photos for reference. I hope to come back and read what your opinions maybe can’t wait to hear back blessed be​:black_heart::green_heart::purple_heart:


Green onyx would be one of my guesses, too.

You can kind of get a similar look from fire quartz, but it’s unlikely. The patterns aren’t intricate enough for it to be a type of agate. Moonstone is more cracked-looking.

It looks quite hard, but not at all chalky, which could result from polishing. But still, it just doesn’t have that chalky look.

Here’s a large onyx chess knight for comparison,


This dolphin shows the direction it’s cut in makes a big difference,


Have a look up the terms green banded onyx or golden banded onyx and see if any of those feel right. :black_heart:


As soon as i read your awesome informative reply I totally could not agree more with you and then I saw the pictures you referenced and bang that’s it it’s beautiful and it feels right the cut of it makes the vibration of energy just gracefully swirl like incense smoke thank you


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