Help my son through heartbreak and job loss

Hey fellow witches I need some help. My son just went through his live in girlfriend breaking up with him and moving out and he found out the job he had was just somebody scamming him all at once. He did however get a good job offer selling life insurance and it’s a really promising career. In order to get this job he needs to get licensed though and he cannot concentrate with everything going on. He has 8 days to complete his testing and is only about 30% done. Any ideas on how to help my baby get over this devastation and succeed with this job he wants.


I would start with a cleansing of all negative energy around him and his home. And then lots of love and support is all I can recommend. Help him study for the licensing exam and give him as much encouragement as you can. My heart goes out to him and you. Love, good vibes, and heart healing thoughts


I am sorry to hear that your son is going through a difficult time.

@Mystique has some great advice.

I would also keep surrounding your son in white light, pink light or whatever colour your instincts tell you to send to him.

My grandmother always said to me “what’s for you won’t go by you”. In difficult times I hold on to that thought and trust in the universe to the best of my ability in that moment.

Much love and light to you and your son.


Hello @julie28,

My heart goes out to your son- that is lot of difficult things to be handling all at once. I can see how it would be really hard to focus on studying.

Mystique and Phoenix Rose have already offered some great advice and suggestions. If I can add to what they’ve already said, there’s a nice spell on the site that aids with focus and successful studies. I’ll link it here in case you’re interested:

For some reason, while I was searching for the study spell, the runes for strength just kept popping up over and over again! I don’t know if you or your son have an interest in runes or ties to Norse magick, but it’s clear that the runes want to be shared too, so here they are!

Wishing you and your son all the best. Blessed be! :pray:


Oh my, that’s horrible to hear! I’m so sorry your son is going through all of this right now. That sounds really tough. You’ve gotten some great advice already, so I’m just popping in to offer my love and support! :hugs: :heart:


I’m so sorry lovely, sending love and support :green_heart:


@julie28 we are sorry for what you are going through…children are our heart…send him white and gold light the white is to clear negative energy and the gold to give him success and strength
I will do it too
you have a big hug :fehu:


BryWisteria, you are so so helpful thank you so much. It’s funny you mention the Norse magic as we are very much so tied to it. I am full blooded Norwegian and my son is half. My great grandparents on both my mom and dad’s sides immigrated here from Norway a long long time ago. My grandfather actually spoke fluent Norwegian and taught me when I was young. I remember laughing so much while he was trying to teach me because it sounded so funny to me. He passed away about 5 years ago and I sure do miss him. I was naturally drawn to the Norse pantheon and Norse magic so I am familiar with the runes, I’m no expert as I am still newer to all this but thank you very much I’ll look into that.


That sounds like a very fun memory of spending time with your grandfather :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m not sure if it is something that would be in line with your beliefs or practice (if not, no worries - feel free to discard what doesn’t resonate for you!) but you might find some additional comfort by reconnecting with your kin on the other side via ancestor work. Sometimes having an altar or ancestor candle is a comforting reminder of those watching over us with love from afar :candle: :sparkles:

Again, just a suggestion on the table for you to use or set aside as you wish! :handshake: :grinning:

It’s my pleasure, Julie - I’m happy if I could help! Wishing you and your son only the best.

Much love and many blessings! :sparkles: