Help needed! In search of online shop

Good afternoon all!
I am in search for some advice. I am looking for a good and decently priced online shop to purchase my witchy/Wiccan items as well as just browse. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
Blessed be :yellow_heart:

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The best is always to shop locally. Search for handcraft markets in your area or metaphysical bookstores/candle shops. If you can’t find anything local, just Google “Pagan Supplies”.

Craft stores like Michael’s are also great for things like charm bags and jars, and they carry supplies for making homemade candles and soaps

  • If you happen to live in a place with no options, check Amazon as they usually have the best prices of all online stores.

  • Another solid online shop with lots of options is

  • Etsy has some cool products as well

Good Luck! :sparkles:

Yes, I have a single mystical shop in my area I have been to they just have very minimal selection. I have also used amazon for most everything. I was just curious what others do for additional ideas. I’m checking out that website now & I like what I see so far! Thanks so much! :yellow_heart::blush:

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I have actually found a lot of items at our local antique shop! I also plan to make my own wand this spring. We hike a lot and there are many things in nature to use! <3

Etsy can have some great finds as well.

Where I live I am lucky enough to have THREE metaphysical stores close to me.

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Lucky! I have 0…lol

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