Help with a deity spread

so I decided to do the deity spread again. I did it once before a few months ago but was having a relaxing day, so pulled out my silverwitchcraft deck and pulled the cards needed

Above are the card I got. Positions are: 1. Deity. 2 to 5 are traits and characteristics. 6 and 7 are signs and symbols.

My interpretation:

  • strong minded and rigid type deity.
  • traditional, does not stray from the rules but is willing to learn, is flexible in that regard
  • independent, no boundaries
  • shadow self, sexual type of deity.
  • signs and symbols I felt it was more moon, blue, male, fish, isolated.

I am drawing a blank. I also feel it’s more of a Irish/Celtic, Roman type of deity.

Not sure if anyone will do better than me, but worth a shot :slight_smile:


I’d love to try and help you out with the reading! :blush:

So you’ve got…

Deity: The Chariot
Traits: The High Priest, Queen of Pentacles Reversed, Nine of Swords Reversed, and The Devil
Signs and Symbols: The Hermit Reversed and the King of Chalices

The Chariot is a card all control, action, and determination. The person driving the chariot doesn’t have to worry about where the animals are going because they already know the destination. I feel like this is a deity that may have to do with fate, strength, or a heavy presence in the Otherworld. I say this because… well, that’s what came to my mind and it seems to fit with my intuition.

Deities associated with The Chariot include Helios – he literally drives a chariot across the sky – and any others associated with water and forward movement. This can also include deities with deep emotions or emotional connections. Or it can literally be a deity of water.

I would also take the image on the card into consideration as well. This is one I’ve never seen for The Chariot before. Usually, The Chariot depicts a person in some form of chariot or carriage drawn by animals. In this case, your card shows two people of opposing skin tones in opposing colored clothes, both holding a chalice (I think?) up toward the sky. This leads me to believe the deity is associated with balance, keeping the balance, or balance being required before moving forward. This makes me think of the scales of Ma’at in Egyptian mythology.

For the traits and characteristics, you’ve got a pretty wide range here which can be both helpful and confusing. First, you have The High Priest. In traditional readings, this card is about structure, tradition, and conformity. He also seems to be associated with spirituality and religious beliefs.

The Queen of Pentacles Reversed relates back to independence, usually in the home. This is a card of self-care and good selfishness. I say good selfishness because self-care is often seen as selfish but it is necessary for living a happy and fulfilling life.

The Nine of Swords is an interesting card to get as a characteristic, especially as it is reversed. This card in the reversed position relates to fears, secrets, and inner turmoil. Whoever this deity is, they were probably not treated very well in their mythology, leading them to be fearful or to have two sides to themselves – an outer mask and an inner existence.

The last card for traits, The Devil, is pretty clear to me. This card is about addictions, complacency, and anything regarded as a sin. The deity may be more sexual in nature, or may be more prone to exploits and chaos. Partnered with the Nine of Swords Reversed, I think this deity may use their fears and shadow-self to their advantage – one of those situations where “You can’t make fun of me if I make fun of myself first,” type of things. I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile: that’s where my brain went. They may use their exploits as an armor or coping mechanism rather than deal with their fears, if that makes sense. To figure this out, I would defintiely look into the stories and mythology of the deities rather than their neo-Pagan correspondences.

For a list of traits, I would say they would include these…

  • teacher
  • tradition, potentially some kind of leader
  • single, never married – probably no children
  • independent
  • selfish or self-serving
  • duality
  • tragedy in their stories
  • keeper of secrets
  • sexuality
  • sins

The symbols cards both being male make me believe that the deity in question could be male or masculine in nature. The Hermit Reversed is a card of seclusion and isolation, so a deity that prefers isolation or isolated places. Maybe their home or mythology is isolated. The King of Cups again points me to a deity that’s associated with water, one that is a master of water or some sort of leader pertaining to water. This realm may also include emotions, creativity, intuition, and the Otherworld.

I hope this helps some! I don’t like to give names out for these types of readings because that can skew the results. Afterall, I only know of a handful of deities that might fit this list but there are so many more out there!


wow, thank you! that gives me a lot more than when I was looking at it. My interpretation was close to yours, so I was on the right track. Makes me feel proud to as I have been working on my interpretations of the card for months now and I like to see that I’ve improved.

I will enjoy my research after work :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! :revolving_hearts: You did a great job with your interpretation, too – you’re definitely learning and doing well. I’m glad you’re proud of yourself! :heartbeat:

I hope you can figure out who the deity is – have fun with your research! :bookmark:


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