Herb Preservation

Do any of you use the small Dessicant packs in your dried herbs to just help to ensure moisture stays out? I have my herbs in sealed jars. I just didn’t know if this would be a good idea or not. Would it add something to the herb or remove the purity of the herb somehow? We have an over abundance of these where I work and I started saving the little packs thinking I could use for this purpose but then my brain was like ummmm would this impact the magic of the herb? Just wanted to get your thoughts.


I don’t see any reason why adding them to your jars would do anything adverse to the herbs. If anything, it’s a very simple mundane way to preserve your herbs. It’s actually a really great idea! :clap:


I second that


I use them. I live in Texas and our humidity is terrible! When I first began my witchy journey I put my herbs in these little spice jars, and after a few weeks they were moldy and I had to throw them out. I started saving the desiccant packs and used them in the jars and it has worked great for 2 years. No more moldy herbs! You can also use rice or beans to absorb moisture.


Beautiful herb and spice collection, @david12!

Chemically speaking, no - I don’t think the presence of a desiccant packet (assuming it’s safely sealed) would alter the properties of the herbs (although I’m not an expert on that, could be worth a study).

Magickally speaking, yes - the presence of any substance, be it material or intangible, can alter the nature of an ingredient. From moon light to negative energy to strong emotions to solar power and many more, all of these things can be absorbed into the ingredient, allowing it to take on additional properties.

That being said, the properties of desiccant packets are there to help - they keep things dry and fresh. I suppose their presence might reduce water element energy and increase fire or air energy. But I don’t think they would add any negative magickal properties to the herbs (unless the person using them had negative connotations with the packet) :woman_shrugging:

I’d say that if they are helpful and you like using them, go for it! Just my thoughts on the table, though.

Blessed be! :blush:


Awesome. Thank you. Middle TN here and the humidity gets terrible by Summer. I figured it could do nothing but help. Then my mind started churning. Lol.


There’s nothing worse than moldy herbs! :herb:


Exactly. :wink::green_heart:


Beautifully said. I so appreciate your input and thought processes in your answer. This is the affirmation and explanation that I was looking for. I can not thank you enough. :green_heart:


It’s my pleasure, David - I’m happy if it was helpful for you!

Wishing you all the best. Blessed be :sparkles: