Herbal Wisdom and a Wild Woman

I have been listening to this woman for some time. She is extremely knowledgeable about herbs, their procurement, their use, and how to process them. Listen to a couple of her posts and let me know what you think. She is a wise woman. Her tattoos indicate she may be a witch, but I do not know. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxIH2IQP3uJ4ftBRg3BTUeg.
Her YouTube channel is She is of the woods. As a nurse, I can tell you she is the real thing. She has knowledge.


She sounds very wise indeed, @wendy4! I checked out her channel and it looks like she is truly passionate about herbalism and helping others. I love her attitude on the About page where she talks about making traditional medicine and knowledge accessible to all, free of cost.

I’ll be looking through April’s videos- she’s got a lot of great topics! Thanks so for much sharing, Wendy :blush::two_hearts:


Thanks for sharing! I have definitely subscribed to her channel :heart:


She’s really good! I love how she goes through the properties of so many herbs while teaching how to make the tinctures.

Here’s one I really liked. Thanks for sharing, Wendy!!


She has several playlists. One shows her harvesting herbs. She covers identification and ethical harvesting. And, as this video shows, she demonstrates how to process the herbs for medicinal uses.