Here are some helpful tips that will help you in the craft

Things To Remember

  • Incense helps carry intent into the universe
  • Garden dirt amplifies love spells
  • Clear quartz amplifies other energies around it
  • Clockwise = attracting something to you
  • Counter clockwise = reducing something
  • Candle anointing: to draw something to you anoint top to bottom… to get rid of something anoint bottom to top
  • Candle magic: personal candle (power/astral) represents you or the person your doing the spell for. Always use a purple candle (color of personal power)
  • Herbs that add potency/strength to a spell: ginger, cinnamon, chamomile, paprika
  • Herbs for ritual work: sandalwood, sea salt, nag champa
  • Projective hand = dominant hand
  • Receptive hand = non-dominant hand

Wish Spells:

  • If the paper burns completely on the 1st try = results will be forthcoming
  • If you have to relight the paper once or twice = there are obstacles in the way that you need to clear up before wish comes true
  • If it does not catch fire and burn up after 2 times = indicates your wish won’t come true


  • The color white can be substituted for any other color
  • Clear quartz can be substituted for any other crystal
  • Rosemary can be substituted for any other herb
  • Rose can be substituted for any other flower
  • Olive oil can be substituted for any other oil

Thank you once again for sharing you wisdom, it is so amazing what we can learn over time :blush:


These are some very great tips! :ok_hand: Thank you :relaxed:


This will have to be printed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I love this


I had been clearing my space in a clockwise motion before casting a circle. I think I should be going counter-clockwise. I just read that in using a broom to clear, you go counter clockwise. Learn something new everyday! I’ll put these tips in my BOS


Hadn’t heard this one before! Perhaps the dirt helps love to grow and blossom? :seedling::sunflower: Love it- thanks for sharing, @carter1! :raised_hands:


Thank you so much for sharing this! I can never find patchouli where I live. I only find patchouli oil or incense. I will use rosemary instead! Thank you for this list of substitutes :slight_smile: