Here's a weird one

I’m not sure what to do with this.

Last night while standing out on my deck at about midnight, I got a strange feeling. It felt like being in a small room, like a bathroom or walk in closet, completely enclosed. Then, it was if a brick or stone block of the wall just disappeared. No noise, no rush of air, just a sense of an opening now being in the wall where it didn’t used to be.

Of course there is no missing brick because there is no wall. This is just what it felt like to me. I still feel it, to the rear left, about 60 degrees from straight ahead. There is no threat or danger that I am aware (already cleansed and cast protection spells just in case). After writing out my experience, reading it back made me wonder if this is an indication of an obstacle that has been removed, but I can’t think of what that would be.

I know the drill: meditate and try tarot, a pendulum or some other means of divination. I was just wondering if folks could give me some ideas to try to rule out so I can narrow this down. What could this be? All coments welcome.


I am not that experienced, but for me personally if i had something like that happen to me i would feel like a pretty big obstacle has been removed from the focus to more like something that is still although there, can be passed. For example, if the obstacle was lets say financial hardship and this wall was just there and suddenly i saw it behind me, i would interpret it as although i still maybe suffering from either debt or low funds, something big that is going to change this is coming such as a new job or a grant of some sort.
Anyways i guess that is just how i personally see it, others may have a better interpretation :blush:


This seems like a really strong possibility- perhaps something happened (either of your doing or otherwise), or maybe you were deemed ready for whatever it is that has opened up :door:

Another thought is that (and maybe I’ve been thinking too much on this week’s time magick challenge lol) it’s not related to the immediate moment, but something that happened this time of year in the past, or something that will open up for you in the future at this time of year.

I’ll skip right over the usual slogan then :joy::+1:

In addition to those options, I’d ask if you might have done any recent spellwork or manifesting? If you go back through your intentions, something there might give you an idea as to what opened up.

Additionally, the direction you are sensing could be a big help- if you draw a circle and call the Watchtowers (or designate the directions in another way), you could turn to face exactly where you feel the blockage and try to use that to help you work it out :compass:

Just a few thoughts you might consider! Whatever it is, I hope you’re able to work it out, @anon87969570! You’re a smart guy- I believe in you :grinning: :+1:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Based on the way you described it, I’m inclined to say that this is exactly what’s happening. Something has been removed from your path, or there’s a roadblock in your way and one of the pieces of that have been removed.

I’m all in agreeance with @BryWisteria and her suggestions so I don’t have much else to add :sweat_smile: I hope you can figure it out though! I’ve never had an experience quite like that one.


Lol, yeah me either!


Do you think it might have been a portal opening up? :woman_shrugging:


Maybe an invitation to move into a new direction? Time to focus on something new? Bizarre either way! Keep us posted on what you discover!


@Sarall , I don’t know that is, aside ftom science fiction stuff.

@AileyGrey , yes it is bizarre. It was so strange I turned to look at it. Except it was sort of not-there. I wonder if the fact that I sense it behind and left means that I may missed something? Will be looking into when i get back home


Perhaps! Keep us posted!


I started trying to remember what it was I was thinking about just before this happened as a way to maybe narrow it down. I think I had just reached a decision about not moving in with the woman I have been seeing.

I used my pendulum, first holding it and transferring to it my energy and intention, then asking it to show me Yes and No first to align my page. Then I asked it if what I was sensing was related to that issue. Then I asked if it was related to an potential issue with another person. Repeating this process three times, I got the same answer each time: it was related to my decision to not move in with her.

I mention all this detail to potentially help others use a pendulum effectively. The feeling was weird and seems to have dissipated. I wasn’t aware of feeling trapped by the situation, but evidently that is what it was about.


I’m glad you were able to figure it out! It’s amazing what we aren’t aware of in our own minds and hearts :heart:


I’m with Megan on this- we have so much going on in our busy lives and busy minds that I think it’s pretty normal to miss picking up on things, even our own emotions and feelings!

I’m glad you were able to pinpoint what was going on and find your answer, @anon87969570 :blush: :+1:


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