Hi, I'm Kayla. I'm new here and I have some questions

Those of you who are long-time witches or wiccans… Do you truly live a joyful, abundant life? Are you needs always met? Do you have money when you need it? Do you have healing when you need it? Are you able to bring healing to your children when they are sick? I’d like to hear the success and joy of other witches.

Thank you for your time and energy.




@kayla11 Welcome !! Glad you are here. I know you gauged this towards the more long-term witch, but I can tell you what I’ve found so far. I am new in my journey about a two months in my journey. I’ve already had so many positive things and changes come about since I changed my path. I could never go back now. I’ve found it brings me great happiness, as I’m finally finding where I belong, my voice, and my confidence back. It’s a way of life. Actively making me a better person and teaching me even more patience. Even though I thought I had plenty. Hope. You have a great day Kayla :heartbeat:


Merry meet @kayla11,

Welcome! I’m Bry, one of the moderators here in the forum and an Eclectic Witch. It’s a pleasure to meet you :blush:

You pose some great questions, and I’m excited to explore them! :grinning:

My practice has absolutely helped me when it comes to healing. As someone who practices Green Magick, I have met so many wonderful herbs and plants that I never even heard about before. My collection of herbs, spices, and tea help me treat ailments that range from a sore throat to menstrual cramps to digestive issues and more. It saves me both money at the pharmacy and trips to the doctors. I’ve become more aware of my body and its needs, and taken control of my own health. I don’t have all the answers and I am still learning, but it has been immensely empowering :muscle: :green_heart:

My practice has also brought me a huge amount of joy along with a greater sense of purpose. I used to be terrified about the idea of death- exploring my spirituality has helped me learn about and come to terms with the cycle of life and death. I can live truly and honestly, but without the crippling fear of before. I still have anxiety (it is part of who I am) but my practice helps me find healthy ways to deal with it.

When it comes to money, well, who wouldn’t say they could use more? :laughing: That being said, my time practicing magick has helped me to see that true abundance comes in many forms, not all of it with a price tag. I am blessed with enough food, a roof over my head, friends and family who love me, and a safe place to dwell. I’d consider all of those things to be successes!

Personally, I don’t think witchcraft is meant to make life “perfect” and solve all of our problems instantaneously. We are here on this planet to learn and grow, and it is challenges that allow those processes to happen. In my eyes, witchcraft is here to help us embrace our true selves and learn about who we are and the wonderful planet we call home, while giving us tools to help us tackle and overcome the challenges of life so that we can become our best and highest selves :heart:

Thank you again for sharing the questions, Kayla- I’m excited to read the stories of fellow Coven members too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please make yourself at home here- much love and many blessings!


Hi, @kayla11! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

I may worry about money, but I always have enough and get through the month okay, which is great! I don’t have a job, thanks to my disability, so I get to sit at home all day and read, which is what I wanted to do as a kid, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I am happy with my life. It may not be a big life, but I’m happy with it.

Great question, by the way! I look forward to getting to know you!


Yes, life is getting much better!
Something changes in the energy around you when you deal with Magic and its various paths…Solutions are found everywhere! it’s like you opened a window and light and joy came in! the financial, health and other problems are improving.My life is full good and I’m not going back…My name is Airam, I live in Greece and my life becomes more beautiful every day since I got involved in Magic!


Not always. It feels great when it happens! Needs are usually met in one way or another, and sometimes there are surprises along the way. Sometimes there are puns and jokes- not just between us people, but also with those we connect to, showing there is a sense of humor when we least expect it.

Once in a while, the answer is “no.” During those times, we are encouraged to find other ways to deal with the issues. This is where growth comes from.

Welcome. Ask all you want.

Edit: It seems like people expect their wants to be handed to them on a silver platter. In New Mexico, there is the saying of wish in one hand and poo in the other and see which one fills up first. With my IBS-C, wishes!:grin: I’m always willing to pay for what I want in life, but the payment is never what people expect. After all, we give up survival to truly live abundantly!


Hello and welcome I’m Tracy from England. How has the craft helped me. Well, Loki and I finally met and said hi (he’d been in the shadows for years :crazy_face:), so that was fabulous :sparkling_heart: It’s helped me grow as a person, introduced me to fabulous people, shown me wonders in nature. I’ve met demons, had chats with psychics, learnt tarot and runes. I’ve drank the most foulist of potions but they healed me quicker than conventional meds :sneezing_face::joy:, it’s given me confidence to go out into the world and pursue the job and life I want. It’s saved my family. :sparkling_heart:. Do I have bad days? Of course. Am I skint sometimes? Yep. Does my car breakdown? Yep. Do I get special favours as opposed to non witches? Not always. But what the craft does, is gives me the power, ability and will to get through the crap, with the help of Loki and the demons, my fellow witches and any other Magick that tags along for the ride. And you come out the other side, feeling fabulous :sparkling_heart: I wouldn’t swap it for anything :sparkling_heart:


Thank you kindly for your reply. I appreciate you sharing your experience with me. I agree… it’s definitely bringing lots of love of life back into my life.


Thank you kindly for sharing. I, too, have had some incredible healing experience with plants. In regards to money, I’m learning it’s better to ask for what you need than money itself. In a way, witchcraft makes life challenges just a little bit fun because it brings an opportunity for creativity and empowerment.


I, too, have a disability (MS and PMDD) and am able to work minimally part-time from home and focus on my craft and being a mom. Who knew having a disability would be such a blessing. With money… I’m finding money itself has a lot of negative energy and thats why high vibe people often find themselves not having much money. But, if you ask/pray/cast for what you need/ethically desire - it comes.


Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: I’m so glad to hear the positive impact it’s having in your life. I do wonder if there are differences in the human experience of what it’s like to be a witch in Greece vs the US. I wonder if you might know? Do you love living in Greece? I love hearing about different human experiences, especially witches :slight_smile:


@kayla11 of course hon anytime. I am glad to hear that magick is bringing back a love of life. I can relate. :heart:


Thank you for sharing. I love that witchcraft is a form of empowerment for the challenges we experience and encourages us to understand and work through life energetically. Yes, sometimes, fate is fate. And sometimes, there is much room for play.



Thank you so much for sharing. The thought of working with demons is rather terrifying to me… so I super appreciate you sharing your experience, because I get to learn without having to experience what I fear :slight_smile: What’s that like? I have found that I am unable to commune with unseen beings becuase it greatly affects my mental health. I feel schizophrenic. Other than dreaming and journeying with my spirit animal and one Goddess as instructed early on in my witch’s journey, I cannot cross that line into the non-physical, it brings me out of alignment immensely. Thoughts? experiences?


Everyone’s path in the craft is different. You must protect your health, and there’s so much in the craft that can help that. No need to hurry anything, no need to chat to any demons/deities to be a witch. I find the morning and evening Wiccan prayers on the Spells8 app are a beautiful way to start and end my day, and keep my mind balanced. Lovely to have you with us :sparkling_heart:
(Side point, the demons are just angels under a different name :grin:)


magic is different only in the path the magician chooses to walk to set the flow in order
it does not matter the country or the geographical location
and yes! Greece is a beautiful country!


It is! I am immensely grateful for my life, just as it is.

Of course there are! Just as there are cultural differences in the lives of each group of people, there are also differing belief systems, various recipes, changes in the way we talk and pray, everything. This is not a negative, though. We can all learn from and support each other! I love living in a multi-cultural area because if I run short of ideas, someone is nearby with something I never thought of before!

I live in New Mexico, now, but I was raised in Indiana. That’s about the distance between Greece and England. It may be all one country, but there are cultural differences all over the place! Even within one city, we have 17 different pueblos of Native cultures, plus Navaho and Apache tribes, African Americans, Asians (several different cultures) whites from the north have a very different upbringing than people from the south, and Californians have a different outlook and way of being than anyone else. Then there are the tourists from every country in the world, right here in Albuquerque! That’s part of why I like it here so much. Ever notice how college towns are different than other places? We have that, too.

I thought it was, too, at first. Then I realized that these characters were once someone’s deities, gone underground when other belief systems took over. Maybe start by reading about them like I used to read about Greek myths: characters in books and movies, until I got to know them as individuals. As long as there is curiosity and respect, you should be fine.


@kayla11 I’m like @Devenne I’m new (about 6 months) and I’m having the same experience. I feel better and enjoy life more. I’m also disabled, I have ALS and unfortunately it’s a progressive fatal disease. I wish i could still work. Having ALS is like a full-time job. Too many appointments and phone calls and paperwork. I rarely get a chance to just “be”
But, that’s what brought be to witchcraft. I was so tired of bad things happening and being diagnosed with ALS my friend joked about “saging” my house. I said what do I have to lose…it spiraled from there. If I had walked this path, i wouldn’t be where I am now. Given all the bad things, I’m able to get out of bed with a smile on my face, even when I forget my legs don’t work so well! I learned to practice meditation and mindfulness, which has helped me to live life more in the moment and find magic in the mundane. As for everything else, I trust that I will have what I need. Idk if that makes sense…simply put, witchcraft has brought the magick to my mundane life and keeps me positive. I very easily could have given up. This forum, especially, has saved me.


Hello @kayla11 and welcome to the forum! :wave:

My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here at Spells8 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s nice to meet you!

I’m an eclectic witch and a Celtic Pagan, following Brigid and doing work in her honor. I’ve been a practicing witch for half my life at this point :joy: and a pagan for just as long!

You’ve gotten some great answers to your questions so far, and I don’t really have anything else to add. Witchcraft and paganism have brought joy to my life in more ways than I can count!

I hope you’re finding everything alright here at Spells8 :revolving_hearts: Please feel free to make yourself at home!


Beautifully said, Kayla! :sparkles: :blush:

Blessed be!