Hibernating Human 🐻 Guided Meditation

The dark half of the year is a time of rest, reflection, and recuperation. As humans, we are often too busy to stop and see the cycles of life flowing around us. The darkness comes, the animals hibernate, the frosts cover the ground, yet we continue trudging along. We continue pushing through the darkness as if nothing has changed. But everything has!

The dark half of the year can help us calm down, rest, reflect, and recover from the business of Spring and Summer, we just have to let it. Today, let’s take a moment to become hibernating humans, even just for a moment. Let’s give ourselves a period of rest in our busy schedules so that we can continue moving in the darkness toward the light half of the year.

This meditation is available to download for members of 'Round the Cauldron. It will be available in my upcoming audiobook, as well!


Fabulous. Well done you. :heartpulse::hugs:


I’ll have to check this out tomorrow morning! Congratulations on the audiobook work, love!


I was just having this exact conversation with someone a few days ago- this feels like an echo of my soul! :pray:

I cannot wait to watch the meditation- thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and a very beautiful (and well-timed!) meditation to enjoy :pray: :heart:

(Who else feels ready to hibernate? Good night- see ya’ll in spring :joy: :bear:)


I hope you enjoy it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I feel like that’s probably true for a lot of us :sweat_smile: the animals get a chance to rest and relax… but what about us? :joy: I hope you enjoy the meditation when you get a chance. We all need to embrace the bit of hibernating bear in each of us :bear: :sleeping:


I couldn’t find it on my phone this morning. I’m sending myself the link. LOL!


I love this! I wear my bear talisman to remind me - to go within. I am teaching my adult nieces and they are amazed at how much they can glean from nature and the seasons passing to mirror into their world for how to live. I subscribed on YouTube - thank you so much!


haha that’s one way to do it! If you are signed into YouTube, you can save videos for later! Then you’ll never lose it.


Just hit “Save” and then the video will go into your “Watch Later” playlist.

Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you like it. I’ve never resonated with the spirit of Bear so much until it’s time to focus on myself and remember that I can’t do everything all at once. Rest is okay!


Ooh, thanks!