Holders for Crystals?

Hi there I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for necklace holders for crystals? I bought the wire spiral ones but they don’t fit them too well.


You can probably buy some copper wire and try making your own!

A while ago I found this tutorial on wire wrapping which is really useful

For supplies you could try Beadaholique.com It is pretty good for general beading and crafting supplies. They also have a Youtube channel with lots of crafting tutorials.

Riogrande.com is also a really great resource for wire and tools.

If you were looking for ready-made holders, I found these bead cages on Amazon (silver colored) and (golden colored) but I’m afraid that’s what you were trying earlier.

I would suggest to look at the dimensions so that it can fit your crystal exactly. Let me know if that helps!

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Need copper for wiring ? If you have anyone who has been doing some wiring, or has wired, or has pieces of electrical wire around, strip it and get the copper out, it is perfect for using in projects,.