Home Blessing with Cinnamon

I would like to start blessing my home with cinnamon at the first of the month. Is there a ritual? What do you do? Also, Which cinnamon is the “real” cinnamon?


@crystal5 you could probably use this spell and substitute with cinnamon. I like to buy cinnamon sticks and crush them up to pieces and burn over a charcoal disc


I personally just blow a pinch of cinnamon into my home from outside my doorway while visualizing money, wealth, health, love and prosperity coming into my home. You can also visualize any aspect of your life you are trying to increase opportunities and growth. For example, I’ve been visualizing more work for my husband and me since we both work for ourselves now.


That is so simple (and I am more inclined to repeat simple rituals). I can quickly and easily Bless my house that way. Thank you!


Hello @crystal5!

I love the spell @jill5 shared- that looks like a great one for cleansing, and I can see how cinnamon (or cinnamon incense) could be used :+1:

@Amaris_Bane has what I think is probably the most wide-spread and also easiest cinnamon ritual, at least that I know about. The simple in-through-the-door while visualizing and/or speaking your intention is a popular one! :brown_heart:

I haven’t done the cinnamon ritual much, but I a little one as part of last week’s group ritual and then I went wild on New Year’s Day. Something called to me to blown cinnamon into every room in the house. Not sure why, but I did it- we’ll see with time if it yields any results. At the very least, the house smelled great for a little bit! :grinning:

The “real” cinnamon (Ceylon Cinnamon) is rare and expensive to produce, so the cinnamon most of get in the store is the “cheap” version of cinnamon called Cassia. There’s a good article by Healthline about it here if you’re interested:

Ceylon vs. Cassia - Not All Cinnamon is Created Equal

That being said, I use the cinnamon I get from the store (Cassia Cinnamon) in both my cooking and my spellwork. To the best of my knowledge, the two types of cinnamon can be used interchangeably in both cooking and magick :+1:


I haven’t done the cinnamon ritual yet – honestly, I’m not sure I will lol – but we do have this wonderful post that was just published here one Spells8 today!


Looks like a great ritual- and the timing couldn’t be more perfect! :grinning: :brown_heart:


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