Home Protection Spell

Hello Everyone It is Saturday Night with the Moon in the Waning Phase which is a great time to get rid of any negative energies or anything that is not serving you or is holding you back, I decided sense i have not done a home protection spell in awhile to reamp the Energies in my home with positive loving light.

What I used: Home Protection Sigil, Plate, Sea Salt, My Birthstones, Sage Oil, and Sage incense, White Candle(Didn’t Have a black Candle).

"As I was Creating the Sigil I was Chanting This Short Phase the whole time i was making the sigil “My Home Is Protected From All Negative Energies”.

After making the sigil i put it in a clear Plastic Frame to keep it in the home at all times, then I took my plate and pour sea salt on the plate and sprinkling some sage oil on the sea salt while still chanting “My Home Is Protected From All Negative Energies”. and then i took the white candle and put some sea salt and sage oil on the candle and then i put my birthstones around the candle then I light the candle and said this small little prayer.

Almighty Great Mother and Great Father
Let there be no negativity or unwanted energy
be contained within my home or land
and let my home and land be blessed and protected
with your holy shielded light. “So Mote It Be”

After the Candle has Burned all the way then you take the salt and sprinkle a little bit all in your home and then take the remaining sea salt and sprinkle it around your Home outside and I also drawn the ogham Symbol on the door as shown in the sigil.

I ended up burning the Sigil and mixing it with water to sprinkle it inside my home and outside my home with the salt.


I must say @christopher5 your spell was well put together. Using a sigil as your choice is a very positive way to go, since sigils are unique to each person and their craft. It is ok to use a white a white candle since white substitute for any other colour candle and can give the same effect.

The words here were full with positive intentions and thoughts towards your home :house_with_garden: protection. I find this to be a very powerful protection spell.

As a chant witch I definitely felt every energy that was put into this Chant and the way those crystals was charged with your pink salt then distributed around the house for protection was rral magickal indeed.

I must say you executed this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you did a great job and I trust that this spell will do you well.

Blessed Be💫


thank you very much, I don’t do a lot of candle magick but i might just start doing it more often but im a sigil junkie, Blessed Be :stuck_out_tongue:


Candle magic is great, you really should give it a try. For sigils I am good at that myself. There are so many different types of magic to explore, the possibilities are endless.


Does Tea Light candles come in different colors cause at the store i only see them in white, I know i can just use white but it would be cool to use different colors from time to time, I noticed that tea light candles are pretty good for candle magick. @NickWick


Indeed you are so correct with tea lights when it come to working candle Magick . They do come in different colours but I find it to be very rare :thinking: to source them.

What I did some time a back was purchased a large pack of 50 pieces of white tea light and added colour to a few inorder to get the colour that I wanted for my work. Not sure if you know how to but you can search something up on YouTube. I had used mica power to assist me in doing so but I do believe there are other methods to do so.


@NickWick I’ll have to look more into it for sure, I am also starting to get more into herbs and Oils but for this spell what i did know is that Salt and Sage together are very powerful in Protection Spells all on its own.


Yep! You got that right for sure. That’s why I stated you spell of protection was very well executed :blush:. I must say herbs are very interesting to work with as well. You can touch a little of everything.


Dollar tree may have colored tea light options in store but I know they do if you buy them online. Alternatively if you wanted your candle to be more specifically tied to your intention and were unable to find tea lights of the color in question birthday candles are excellent for spell work or you could try dressing a white tea light with an oil and herb that has the properties you need. That’s what I do when I sub a white candle and as a bonus sigil tip you can also inscribe the candle with your chosen sigil. I like working with sigils as well so I try to include them in as many ways as possible when tweaking spells for my own use


@phoenix_dawn Thank you very much, I’ll keep that in mind :heart_eyes:


I agree with @NickWick Great job and execution on this spell @christopher5! I need to learn more about Sigils definitely, I have some placed around my house but I’ve not made one of my own yet.
Blessed Be,


Wow that’s a great protective spell!!! I love the crystals and that you put the salt in the candle to amplify the energies!!


Lovely spell. I was thinking of doing something near the same. I’ll have to think of something new now! LOL!


To change the color, you can do one of three things:

  • when the candles hot enough, use food coloring
    -melt a candle of the color that you wish it to be in the tea light🕯️
    -you could even melt a crayon :crayon:

I’ll have to try that next time @christina4, I can also go to my local witchy shop that is like 6 miles from my house and pick up some taper candles. They are in different colors I almost forgot about those LMAO.


Thank you for sharing @christopher5!

I like how you used intention, attention, and symbolism to create something magickal and beautiful. Nice job :+1: