Homemade All-Natural Face Mask Recipe

Warm greetings!

My first introduction to face masks (beauty masks, not the pandemic masks haha) was probably different than most- I used to get them sometimes literally flung at me when I walked into any beauty store while living in South Korea. When I went home, I think my suitcase was probably half-full of face masks :laughing:

My inspiration for homemade mask making

The other day, here in the US, I was at the store and noticed that face masks are selling for a whopping several bucks a piece. CVS has individual masks that are over $5!!! :exploding_head:

As someone who used to get them in ridiculous quantities for free (albeit on the other side of globe) I just cannot make myself pay that much for masks, especially ones that are probably all full of chemicals :test_tube:

So! This weekend I experimented with making homemade, all-natural face masks- with some magickal ingredients! :sparkles:

I’d love to say that I was well-behaved and loyally followed a recipe from the book I got, but I was a messy little witch and I threw a whole bunch of stuff in the mixture instead :joy:

I ended up using more things from my witchy stores than from recommendations in the mask book- although the herbs I took have skin and beauty benefits, so I’m considering it to be a bonus :wink:

Homemade Healing Face Mask

Ingredients :

  • Lavender
  • Calendula
  • Natural Oats (avoid the instant stuff as it often has chemicals)
  • Hot Water
  • Honey
  • (optional) Fabric reusable face masks

NOTES : I used dried herbs as they grind up better, but fresh could be used instead. I used whole oats in this recipe and oh boy was it messy- I bet ground oats would work even better.

Instructions :

  1. Pour boiling water over the oats and allow them to soak for about 10 minutes- until the oats are soggy and partially broken-down.

  2. While the oats are soaking, grind up your lavender and calendula into a fine powder. Set aside.

  3. Go back to your oat mixture and, when it’s cool enough to work with, add your honey and stir. Scoop the soggy oats out and add them to the herb powder, but keep the oat water for later

  4. Mix together the herb powder and honey oats until they make a nice, mushy paste.

  5. If you are using fabric face masks, dip them into the leftover oat water to soak for a few moments. If you are not using fabric face masks, feel free to keep the oat water to use in the shower- the oat extract is nice on skin or your hair! :shower:

  6. Apply the herbal paste directly to your skin or onto the fabric face and then onto your skin. Gently massage it in, rubbing in a clockwise direction. Invite in soothing vitality, peace, and relaxation for your skin :relieved:

Heads up, applying the mask is messy- embrace the mess and have fun with it! :joy:

  1. Leave the paste/mask on your face for at least 15 minutes. Gently wash off and allow it to air dry. Follow up with your favorite all-natural herbal moisturizer if you choose.

We had a lot of fun with the mask (and made a big mess lol)- I’ll definitely be experimenting with more! I might even try to actually follow a recipe from the book, although some of the recipes are… not my cup of tea. You won’t find me rubbing avocado, chocolate, and pomegranate juice on my face- no thanks! :laughing:

Have you made a homemade face mask before? What ingredients did you/would you use?

Would love to hear about your beauty magick! :sparkles::blush:

Blessed be!


My daughters enjoy watching Gabby’s Dollhouse and has an episode where they make “squishy squeezy glow masks” by mashing avocado with their hands and adding a bit of lemon juice and honey. It is a fun activity for kids and grownups alike.


Ohh this is a great idea! I wonder if you would be able to make it less messy by making it more of a thicker consistency rather than a mushy paste? I might have to experiment with this a little bit!

Oh I could even add in some Vitamin E oil, some rosemary… Oh! :bulb: what about some powdered snake shed for transformation!? Ohh my Gods, the ideas are flowing through my brain right now lol


Squishy squeezy glow masks sound like fun! :laughing: :+1: The book I have says they are really good for the skin too, so perhaps I could be convinced to give it a go… I guess what’s really holding me back is the cost. They are pricey little guys around here! :avocado: At like $2 a fruit, I think I’d feel too guilty to do anything but eat them haha.

Anyways, forgive me for rambling- your daughters sound like they are mask-making experts! :blush: :sparkles:

It’s worth a try! :grinning: Although if it gets to be too watery it’ll just drip everywhere. The mess might be inescapable :joy:

Looking back, I think the real culprit was the whole oats we used- if we had ground them up first (the book suggests using a blender, but I was lazy lol), I bet it would have come together (and come off too) more cleanly. Or maybe soak them for longer? Lots of room for experimentation I suppose! :laughing: :+1:

Hooray for inspiration! :partying_face: If you decide to give a homemade mask a try, I’d love to hear what you use!

Good luck and have fun with it! :heart::blush:


Ohh that makes sense. I mean, you could skip that part and just buy oat flour :woman_shrugging: it’s basically the same thing lol I may give it a go one of these days!


We love Gabby’s Dollhouse here! I’ll have to check that episode out and make that with my daughter.

Imagining this gave me a good laugh :laughing:

And so did this. :joy: I think I have the ingredients on hand for this (unsure on the calendula :thinking:) but I looove homemade hair masks and face masks so this sounds amazing. I’m going to try this soon! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


That’s a galaxy brain idea right there- save some mess and work and get the oats already-grounded! I’ll have to look out for it in the store. Maybe they’ll have a small bag that’ll be perfect for face mask making! I bet it would be lovely in milk baths too. Ohhhh the possibilities :eyes::sparkles:

Hahaha I’m glad if it gave you a chuckle! :joy::heart:

I love calendula for how gentle and healing it is on the skin- it’s one of the few herbs I trust to put on my face without it making my skin all red and irritated. A possible substitute is chamomile (if you have chamomile tea bags, you just open one up and ta-dah! You’ve got the herb ready to go :grinning:) which is also very gentle and soothing on the skin :blossom:

It’s my pleasure, Aurora! I hope you have fun with it if you decide to give it a go- good luck and let me know what you think! :heart::blush:


Ahh, I’m not crazy for buying chamomile tea bags strictly for this purpose then?! :joy: I had them on hand in case I ever needed it for a recipe or spell and I thought I was nuts for doing it, but we don’t have many options for herbs nearby.

I’m going to try it with the chamomile later this week now.

Thank you for the substation (and for making me feel less crazy! :laughing:)


haha I just know how irritating it can be to grind your own oats. I’ve done it to make my own oatmilk! I think I’m going to make up these masks and add some of my calendula and lavender infused oil that with the oats… :thinking: That sounds like it would feel nice! I might make some of that up tomorrow with my daughter.


Hahaha not at all! Because now you have exactly what you need for your crafting goals- I think that was brilliantly planned, Aurora! :raised_hands: :heart:

I hope you have fun with your face mask making when you give it a try- enjoy, and I’d love to hear how it goes for you! :blush: Good luck!

Oh my goodness that sounds divine! And I bet the oil will help to hold things together too- that might be the key to the perfect balance between wet but not too runny :grinning:

Good luck and hope you both have fun with the crafting- I’d love to hear how your masks turn out! :heart::blush:


My weekend right here!! I made my first homemade salve with lavender and comfrey. I also infused my own oil base as well. Have to say I impressed myself. Will post if anyone is interested! It’s just a healing comfrey salve. I work with a lot of cardboard and the mites drive my crazy and this is the perfect fix!


Congrats on your first homemade salve, Dorian- it sounds amazing! :raised_hands: And yes, please- I’d love to see your post about it, feel free to share :heart::blush:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry looks cool but it would kill me bc of the lavender. :dizzy_face:


@dorian1 congrats on your first salve Dorian, thats a wonderful accomplishment


Thank you! :heart:

If the lavender does more harm than heal, then no problem giving it the boot- only healing and helpful things allowed! :grin:

I bet this recipe would work fine with just the calendula, oats, and honey. Or maybe substitute with chamomile? That’s another soothing herb that should be okay for facial use (assuming no allergies) :blossom::two_hearts:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry oh it would i was just trying to be funny.


Such a great idea!

The fabric face mask is so pretty. I haven’t seen one before.

I have done a mask with the oats before without blending them and it was super messy. Lol.

I am going to try the above recipe but with grinding the oats first :slight_smile:


@Mistress_Of_Herbs Ahhh I see! Haha forgive me for jumping right into the substitutions- sometimes it’s fun to try to adapt recipes to make them work for different people! :grinning: :+1: :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry nothing to fogive Bry. And yes u are correct. I tweak recipes all the time just bc.


@Mistress_Of_Herbs :hugs: :heart:

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