House Cleansing

This is just a random thought, but is it better to have someone else cleanse your house or yourself because I seen both happen & it also feel better when someone else does the cleanse for me. What are yall’s thoughts on this?


Don’t worry :wink: so much!
If you need a cleaner get one and try it! See where it goes afterwards, then ask yourself why you don’t or you do want someone else to clean your home. :house_with_garden: Just be careful hun watch them all the time!


Hi Brandon!

I’m the opposite - I really don’t like when other people touch my things (or me lol) or alter my space. It drives me crazy when things are put in different spots after a clean and I can’t find them again! Additionally, strangers or even family members can bring tension and anxiety into the space. I often have to cleanse after company has visited to remove the energies. To me, it feels cleaner when I do it myself.

But that’s just me and my personality. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer here - it’s best to know yourself, your needs, and do what’s right for you :blush:

Intuition is a key part of magick and it’s important to listen to our inner voices. If you feel better when someone else cleanses your house, I’d say to do what is working best for you :broom: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


Sally, my worker, helps me some. With stuff I can’t stand and reach. But she respects my space and isn’t freaked out, so that’s important.

But we do giggle over things like the groin of my forest god. LOL!


My partner and I are the same. :laughing: My partner definitely gets more impassioned about this than I do, but then again, I’ve had a lot less things broken and lost due to “help.” :sweat_smile:

This is also 100% me. :laughing:

I don’t even need to answer this. I’m just going to point at you, @BryWisteria, and say, “Same as everything she said.” :laughing: :black_heart:


I prefer to cleanse my own space, honestly. It’s easier for me to feel the energy in my home and know what needs to stay and what needs to go :laughing: a stranger wouldn’t be familiar with the usual energy of my home and may just remove everything and that’s not what I want.



Love the solidarity :joy: :handshake: :heart:


I agree for sure :100: