House Protection Crystal Grid 💎

I’ve been meaning to make a protective grid for my home. I’ve finally gotten to it!

crystals used: labradorite, black tourmaline, blue kyanite, clear quartz and selenite, which are all for protection.

Here’s my finished results:


Awesome arrangement! It is super creative :star_struck: Love the crystals you’ve chosen too!


Thank you very much! It means a lot because it took a lot of hard work and patience with the crystal chips. But I really don’t know if someone placed a curse/hex on my family and I because so much crap has been happening and its enough already! I did a couple spells but maybe not the right ones. I did an uncrossing spell and said prayers to fill the void with positivity. And also another protection spell. Idon’t know what else to do!


Christina, that’s terrible. In order to lessen the effect of any curse, the first thing is to believe that it has little or no power over you. Because the more you believe in it, the more power you are feeding into it. :zap:

If you’ve already burned incense and poured salt, pull energy from local sources or from a Higher Being. If you work with a deity that will suffice, otherwise try to research and connect local spirits of the land. You can use your hands to guide the energy creating a protective bubble around your house as you visualize all negative energy bouncing off.

If you are sure that it’s coming from an external source, try the curse-breaking spell with a mirror to send all that stuff back to where it came from.

:candle: Sending you Blessings and hope!


Gorgeous crystal grid, @Christina4- may it help to keep you and your family safe! :house: :heart: May the bad energy be gone at once- take care and be safe! :pray:


Thank you so much…I kinda forgot about the mirror spell. I’ll do that and the psi ball as a protective ward for my home!


Thank you! It means a lot! There’s just too much negative energy around and I’m done with it all!!