How can I celebrate Ostara?

So it’s going to be my first Ostara this year and I’m wondering how do I celebrate it ? Where could I read about this topic and how do you guys usually celebrate Ostara ?
How can I decorated my altar for the occasion and is there any spells/cleanses related to this celebration
Thanks to all ~
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Great question!

I am working right now on a more elaborate post with ideas for Ostara or the Spring Equinox. But in the meantime here are a few suggestions:

  • Decorate eggs: This symbol and also egg hunts originated from pagan fertility rites. The hare was also regarded as the sacred animal of the goddess Eostre that people now associate with Easter.

  • Light an Ostara fire: Bonfires were a frequent marker of the spring equinox in ancient times. This symbolized bringing the warmth and energy of the Sun to the fields for first spring plowing and planting.

  • Tie festive ribbons: As you do so, state your intention for yourself or a loved one with respect to personal growth or spiritual renewal. Look for items in the colors commonly associated with fertility and birth, such as pastel blue, green, or pink.

  • Prepare your altar: The spring equinox is the first time in the year where day and night are equal, so honor that. Use a god and goddess statue, a white and black candle, an image of the sun and moon, or even a ying/yang symbol.

For spells, anything to do with fertility (physical and spiritual) and new beginnings! I’m going to post a video ritual here very soon! :tulip::hatching_chick::fire:


Very good info I totally agree.