How Do I Begin Working With Hera?

I have been practicing the Craft for about 4-6 months now, and through my entire path so far I have felt a strong connection to Hera. As of recently, I have been getting many signs from her, but I have never worked with a diety before. I guess my question is, how do I start working with Hera, specifically? I have tried, but sadly can’t find much information on pagans working with her.


Hi, Neva! Welcome to the Forum! :raised_hands:

Hera is the Greek Goddess of Marriage, Protector of Women, and Queen of Olympus.

Her sacred animal is the peacock and she has other attributes and symbols like the scepter, pomegranate, lotus, lily, and veil.

If you feel a call to Her, talk to Her! She’s probably getting impatient waiting for you, but don’t let that scare you off. Here’s a prayer from the book “Worshipping Olympus” by Hester Butler-Ehle.

"Stately Hera, glorious queen
Of fair Olympos,
Comely you are,
Your shining beauty unsurpassed.
Great daughter of Kronos,
Defender of cities,
Deep-eyed goddess,
Chosen bride of thundering Zeus,
Mighty guardian
Of the marriage oath and bond,
Graceful one, vital one,
I praise and honor you.
Sublime Hera, swift of thought,
Certain of action,
I pray to you. Grant me
Strength of will, o goddess,
Help me to know my worth,
To act with confidence
And passion, to risk wisely,
To freely speak my mind.
Bless my marriage bed,
My vows, my devotion.
Peerless Hera, watchful one,
I ask your favor."

Offerings to Hera may include: Fruits, perfume, honey, frankincense, votives, small statues, and paintings. is a good site for initial info on Hellenic gods and the traditions associated with them. Here’s their page on Hera.


Theoi is a great resource, as Francisco mentioned. There’s also a blog titled Baring the Aegis that is written and maintained by someone who is a Hellenic Revivalist (I believe…the might be a reconstructionist).

They have several blog posts about working with and honoring the Greek deities as well as historical practices of that worship.

You also might find this article useful as well!