How do you BOS?

How do you BOS?

With all of the different journals, and binders and the digital age, I’m curious in how you keep your sacred texts?

Do yoI use just a plain composition notebook? A binder? A premade BOS?
A digital notebook?

For me
I made a digital journal and customized it to exactly how I want. My plan is to make it fun and cute and exactly how I want it and then send it off to be printed into a book.
(Below are some of my examples)

So, how do you BOS?


My first BOS was a bound leather journal with parchment type paper. I printed and pasted stuff into it, and kind of see it as a chronological record of my first steps into witchcraft.

That quickly filled up though so I decided to get a little more organised and flexible with my second BOS.

I bought these A5 felt binders (3 so far)

And they’re filled with parchment style paper and dividers so I can put things in sections, and easily move things from one binder to another.

I’ve got a main index at the front of the first binder that lists all the sections. Then another index in binder 2 and 3 that lists just what’s in those binders.

I found some metallic fabric pens to decorate the covers.


I currently use a notebook that’s slightly smaller than a typical cheap-o Bullet Journal style notebook that I got for like $3, but I’m starting the process of digitizing it. I’m investigating Notion at the moment, but I’m still very much in the beginning stages of my exploration, so I’m still looking for suggestions!

@Ember_Lee What program/app/etc. did you use to make your digital journal/BoS? Was there a particular blog that inspired your BoS format? Or did you kinda just make it up as you went along?

Also, would you mind if I saved the beautiful pages you shared and incorporated them into my BoS? :sweat_smile: (Credit will be noted if I have your permission – I’m not going to distribute my BoS, so they won’t be leaked off Spells8 on my part :sweat_smile:)



I just used keynote to create mine. And ty en I used GoodNotes 5, my iPad and Apple Pencil to actually use it.

I put it up on Etsy but I don’t advertise it. :woman_shrugging:t3:

But on Etsy, there are a ton of options. If you looked up:

  • digital journal
    -digital book of shadows

And yes of course you can.


See, this is definitely my kind of set up. I like to be able to take things out and put things back in. Which is why I like the digital BOS I made. But for a physical set up, I like this because it’s small and it’s not a regular binder. (Which I tried to use before and it was too clunky)


This is the cover that I made for it…


Do yoI use just a plain composition notebook? A binder? A premade BOS?
A digital notebook? All of the above, you choose what feels good to you.
Personalize it, drawings, cartoons, solemn pics. It’s your practice and you create how to represent it.


Yes definitely. I am just curious on how others express themselves within their practice. As an artist myself, I like to see how creative others can be. :hugs:


This is gorgeous! :heart_eyes_cat: You have quite a lot of talent! Thank you for sharing these with us :relaxed:

I’ll have to look into playing around with Keynote — I’ve also been wanting to create my own planner lately :sweat_smile:


My first is this one pictured, is small and have 2 others. One that is a normal journal and the second from Keeping Her Keys that I purchased and has a dedicated message signed by Cyndi Brannen to me; that I haven’t touched, instead I use my journal which has a lot of scribbles of my rituals with Hekate and other Spirits.


I normally write down special keys that I want to remember on my BOS. When on a ritual, I like to improvise, and do as my intuition direct me to do so.


I’m boring. I basically just use open office and have it backed up on a memory stick. But I’m able to save PDFs, pics from Facebook, things like that and copy them down without printing them out so I’m good. It’s also how I journal, since I can’t read my handwriting.


I love it!! It’s sooo neat!


I started out with a neat store bought BOS. Then that filled up. Then I bought a binder and that filled up. So I decided to make a journal for each subject lol like for Runes, I have this nice little book:

For Candles, Candle spells, etc, I use this:

For my dream journal, there’s this: (I got free from Sherwin Williams :grin:)

But you get the picture!!!


My current magickal book is a combination of information digitally and in a binder. One day I’ll go through and write everything down but for now, digital is okay with me.