How do you Display your Crystals?

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Thanks yall for being so welcoming!

& @roxanne sorry I didnt say it in my original reply, but your set up is BEAUTIFUL! Very aesthetically pleasing :heart_eyes:


Soooo beautiful, @haley! :heart_eyes: :gem: :sparkles: You have such a lovely diverse collection- and ohhhh that big piece of amethyst is eye-catching! :sparkles: Thank you for sharing your setup! :heart:


That gives off a nice energy!! You did an awesome job creating this!!


My go to person is Sage Goddess who is an authority on crystal use. So I asked her about it, and this is what she had to say-

Kelsie (Sage Goddess)

Jul 30, 2020, 4:42 PM PDT

Hello Roxanne,

Thank you for reaching out. You definitely do not have to keep them apart from each other. In fact, Athena has recently been telling the community about how she likes to display her smaller tumbled stones, natural stones, and some points in healing trays. She just piles them all in a tray! (I’ve attached a photo of an example) You can organize them however you would like, whether it be by the color, property, or just random, it’s completely up to you.

You can also keep your crystals in whatever room you would like to. There are certain crystals that would benefit different rooms better than others (such as keeping lepidolite and sodalite in a bedroom for peaceful sleep and black tourmaline in the room near your front door to help absorb negative energies before they enter your space), but you should put them wherever they feel right for you.

It’s true that crystals can and do absorb both positive and negative energies from people, but this can happen whether the person is touching the crystal or not. Crystals can absorb the energy just by being in the same space as the person giving off the negative energy. You can fix this by just regularly clearing/cleansing your crystals and your space, especially before you use them for your energy work. I’ve attached another photo of different ways you can cleanse your crystals. If you do like using sage, here is a blog with different tips on how to use sage to cleanse:

Athena often also talks about how there is no “right” way to do crystal healing. You can store and use your crystals however you are called :purple_heart:

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Love and light,

I also know that you do not want to mix rough stones with tumbles as they can scratch them.


I have mine sorted in little pouches. I keep them in my top dresser drawer with each other for right now. Once my room is painted, I am hanging up a shelf & hutch to keep them all in at once so I can take out what I need & wear them or put them on the top of my dresser which is right now doubling as an altar. I have a selected towel that I put down under my items and tools. I do have a lapis lazuli turtle that hangs out on top of my dresser with my selenite pieces. I have some Amethyst geodes/clusters on each side of my bed too. I also have a rose quartz littel tree on my dresser & an amazonite little tree on my nightstand. Once my room is finished, I will send you a picture.



Roxanne way to be really neat and love how well you take such good care of your crystals! They look beautiful in your living room area! Thanks for sharing!


Love your salt lamps! What are the bowls made out of? Such a inviting display, your crystals look happy :slight_smile: love the blue obelisk what crystal is that?


Which picture, maybe I could help.

Crap did I not tag the photo ? I’m still unsure how to do replies lol let me find it…

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It’s ok, I still don’t know how to add certain things. :sweat_smile:

@christina4 ok it’s the first picture lol does that make sense?

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The blue one towards the front in the middle? If so, then it’s aqua aura quartz.

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I keep some in my mojo bag. I keep a turned Quarts crystal in the bags with my many Tarot decks. I have a selenite Heart on my altar between the God and Goddess statues. That’s about it.


Ah ok aqua aura quartz … I have to get one


The color isn’t natural though. It comes from being heated up. I have a couple bc they’re pretty!

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I have to get a selenite heart! :heart: I’ve always wanted one.

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